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  1. Can anyone ID this model for me please?
  2. I want more beauty campaigns with her in it.
  3. Just came across her on IG and she is gorgeous. She gives that 70's-80's aesthic that have I grown to appreciate. She would be great for editorials.
  4. Victoria’s Secret Hires Condé Nast Creative Director Raul Martinez I wanted Tom Ford but I'll settle as this seems promising.
  5. Victoria’s Secret Names Martin Waters as CEO In addition, parent company L Brands has added a number of senior-level executives to the leadership team to help turn the business around. Everything but a new creative team. This direction....the models...the makeup.....that commercial....this brand is below rock bottom. A male model in sweats? Is this fashion nova.....? I simply cannot.
  6. It is her! thank you!
  7. Oh please. There are plenty of people with strong opinions on here who stick to their guns over and over again. I’m not the only one who feels this way or commented on this matter BUT it is always the same avatars that are just obsessed with me. You can clearly see in this thread that I’m not biased like many of you and positivity flows more than whatever you consider negative. You guys just like mentioning me. You been a fan of me. Besides you been on here long enough to know how to ignore someone if you don’t like their opinion. If you forgot it is in my signature. If I trigger you and bother you so much why do you spending so much time trying to get my attention? It is the same little avatar clique gang that always tries to gang up on anyone they don’t like or who talks about there favorite model but gets to trash other brands and angels/models they don’t like. Give it up. Hang it up. And I’m not reading any of those paragraphs. One sentence was enough for me to die of boredom. None of you scare me. Move on. 😘☺️
  8. Anyway, the whole “if you have an opinion that is not for the brand” is “negative” “...is old and dated now. You have to come up with some thing new but then again I know a certain clique is obsessed with my opinions. You just can’t help yourselves. Cute.
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