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  1. I want more beauty campaigns with her in it.
  2. It is her! thank you!
  3. Oh please. There are plenty of people with strong opinions on here who stick to their guns over and over again. I’m not the only one who feels this way or commented on this matter BUT it is always the same avatars that are just obsessed with me. You can clearly see in this thread that I’m not biased like many of you and positivity flows more than whatever you consider negative. You guys just like mentioning me. You been a fan of me. Besides you been on here long enough to know how to ignore someone if you don’t like their opinion. If you forgot it is in my signature. If I trigger you and bothe
  4. Anyway, the whole “if you have an opinion that is not for the brand” is “negative” “...is old and dated now. You have to come up with some thing new but then again I know a certain clique is obsessed with my opinions. You just can’t help yourselves. Cute.
  5. Omg. Why y’all have to be so literal! 😭😭
  6. Everyone on earth is already aware that there is nothing new under the sun and the quote itself. This is just lazy and there is no point in trying to defend laziness esp in design. You can't call yourself "innovators" and whatever ever else labels VS calls themselves and then pull this lazy campaign in terms of visual and direction as well as lazy "redesign." I'm not sipping what some of y'all sip when it comes to this brand and some of the angels. I'm not on payroll like some users. LOL I'll just be one of many who "bitch" on while there sales continue go down because men lie wom
  7. +1 I knew they copied someone from the moment they posted it because it was TOO good to be true. LOL My gawddd how lazy could big brand and set of directors be. This is just embarrassing.
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