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    VS Model's ID

    First, this is the VS Model ID thread. Second, BoutineLA actually does a decent job of tagging their models on Instagram. You will probably have to scroll all the way back to 2019 (when this video was made) to find it but it should be there.
  2. This isn't the model ID thread, but it's Marcella Braga (with the happy face tattoo airbrushed out).
  3. Looks like she is trying to go into acting: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11598810/?ref_=vp_vi_nm No credits yet, though.
  4. Soa Denise https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/59264-soa-denise/
  5. It's going to be interesting. I was just going over my stash of VS website photos, which now dates back over 20 years from around 2000 and tiny 380 x 512 pictures - one of these days I'll have to post the archive. Periodically I've been going through and cleaning out the photos of just the product without it being modeled (my script downloads all pictures linked from the VS web site). I'd say probably the zenith of VS was around 2012-2015 - interesting poses, good models, often trying to tell a story. Since they stopped having a catalogue, they went to boring white wall which basically kills i
  6. Maybe Vanessa Fonseca? She's done Venus which I know uses Lascana advertisements.
  7. From her profile on Select Models
  8. Bare Necessities (2015-ish)
  9. Bare Necessities (2015-ish)
  10. Lucy Moore - http://www.milkmanagement.co.uk/curve/main/383-lucy-moore/ HEIGHT : 176 cm / 5' 9½'' BUST : 110.5 cm / 43½'' CUP : D WAIST : 96 cm / 38'' HIPS : 116.5 cm / 46'' SHOE : 41 EU/ 10 US/ 8 UK HAIR : Brown EYES : Brown Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucymooremodel/ Portfolio:
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