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  1. omggg I love the first pic
  2. omg Orlando's greeting and the comments were just like "you guys should be back together!" lmaooo
  3. Happy Birthday to my favorite model in the world!!!
  4. I'm kinda afraid too for Miranda at least I don't want her to get dragged down on this especially now that they are close to getting married
  5. Apparently Miranda's being attacked for something Evan had said smh..
  6. source: @trevorosley Instagram
  7. seen her Snapchat story and I can say Miranda does it so naturally hahaha
  8. source: @bohnes/Instagram
  9. could've not said it better
  10. Merry Christmas guys! Hope you well this Christmas!
  11. just heard Dolly is closing today, that magazine will forever be iconic for showing Miranda to us. sad.
  12. I think Alex was just messing around, they're still friends right? but I am beginning to hear rumors that the other Angels have set aside Sara from their "hangout group" because he was dating this "Oliver" guy. Does somebody have an input about this?
  13. I personally think Elsa's "Bill" dragon was great kind of unorthodox for VS to do that to an outfit haha i am not being sarcastic
  14. I thought she was supposed to close BNA?
  15. there were two shows right? what if the first they let Jas closed it and then let Lily closed it on the second, then Ed and co maybe have to choose which footage to incorporate haha do they actually tape the two shows or just the other one?