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  1. Miranda Kerr

    glad she's getting VOGUE coverage again!
  2. Miranda Kerr

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN MIRANDA! I just wish much success and happiness in your life and career! I wish well and good health for you and your family! more birthdays to come! her tummy is sooo big my gosh. that's another big baby for sure. queen of giving birth to big babies. any predictions when she's gonna go labor soon? I wonder if she'll go to her unusual natural way again and decline epidurals in giving birth.
  3. Bryana Holly

    probably because she's pregnant
  4. Miranda Kerr

    I missed so much! these resurfacing photos from 2005 is such a treat! Thank you @DitaDiamondis thank you for posting them!
  5. Miranda Kerr

    woah woah woah I've never seen this photos before! where is it from? what shoot? I really like this shots. amazing! love it.
  6. Miranda Kerr

    ughh I wanted a girl
  7. Miranda Kerr

    Do we have bits of information of the sex of Miranda's baby??? I want it to be a girl tbh
  8. Miranda Kerr

    oh my god I haven't visited for a while because of school and to answer you @Ewciolina I've clicked it on the videos and unfortunately I cannot see them
  9. Miranda Kerr

    Miranda using instagram story??? is this real??? is Evan furious?
  10. Miranda Kerr

  11. Miranda Kerr

  12. Miranda Kerr

    I cant seem to bypass Weibo
  13. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    did they really push through on showing the Ming Xi fall? and I heard it they also showed how she broke down at backstage too. I'll watch the full show when I have time, I hope somebody can upload it.