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  1. After Balmain SS Show 2018
  2. lmaoooooo Botox
  3. IKR. Why do you think they never speak out in the open to address things like this? especially this one because a country's at it stake. It is so damn annoying knowing how they do things to clear Miranda's name and even Miranda doesn't speak about it.
  4. I can't believe Miranda dated the guy. We've never heard about him. sheesh.
  5. man I miss this thread Sasha Luss Moschino Resorts Show SS 2018 source: IMGModels source: windleandmoodie/Instagram source: jp_yim/Instagram source: manuelatatjana/Instagram
  6. Miranda has to speak up and she has to clear all this things up. People from Malaysia are coming for her head. super pissed she has to get dragged on to this piece of crap, it's doesn't look good on her at all.
  7. this diamond scam has to be the most bullshittest thing I've ever heard from Miranda's entire career. We barely have some info about that Malaysian guy! complete BS!
  8. this year has been a letdown maybe because of her wedding but I still do think Miranda can get better and "my focus is not modelling anymore" is not helping. Tons and tons of people everyday always say the same thing about her - "She has lost her spark" and as a big big fan it's annoying and it makes me pissed because Miranda could still do some things to keep her modelling career alive if she wanted to...but yeah key phrase....if she wanted to. *sigh* it wouldn't be a surprise if she decides to retire right now but regardless I'm still so happy for her.
  9. thanks for the HD Adds guys! much appreciated! Miranda looks beautiful!
  10. source: @katvonwilliams, @yutsai88, Instagram
  11. source: @kerrarmy_ru Instagram
  12. Congrats Miranda!
  13. source: Miranda's IG
  14. source: @KORAORGANICS Twitter