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  1. Zhenya's not walking
  2. I would trade more interesting looking models like a Zhenya or Senait for Maggie Lane and Megan Williams anyday but the need for blondes is apparent.
  3. how come that Bruna chick got the job again? how??? find her walk in 2015 seriously annoying
  4. Yes my favorite Redhead gets to walk the show!!! tbh I wasnt so high on her but damn she made it on the first try...did she? I am so happy for Alexina i hope she gets the recognition
  5. I am so sad my anyone from my newcomer picks didnt get the show. I undestand Lauren's situation cause she's still young but this could've been a big break she fits PINK so much. Zhenya would've been a nice addition and I doubt she'll re enter again. I swore Robin was going to get it cause she has worked with them like for the past two three years that is such a shame. Glad Blanca's walking again for them tho she killed it this season! and now VS is just the icing on the cake.
  6. Roosmarjin and Candice in the show
  7. came across a twitter account with the handle @laurenjdg i don't know if it's her real account although she assumes it's her. She tweeted she had an allergic reaction prior to the callbacks. I just really hope she slips in but there's always gonna be next year if she doesn't.
  8. just as we have bets on newcomers, all of these veterans coming back are spoiling us. I'm torn I want to see them back yet I also want to see my newcomer picks to be in the show. I mean why couldnt they come back last year??? the 2016 VSFS would've been a tad better. ughh.
  9. Hilary,Jacquelyn, Toni, Shanina, Bregje, Isabeli coming back wow. the 2012 VSFS called they want their models back.
  10. Yooooooooooooo i seriously thought Luma wasn't gonna join but fuck that shit
  11. just don't get why they would give Candice a second FB i think it's too soon idk, I thought they were infatuated with the NA hahaha. There are so many amazing and beautiful newcomers and the number of veteran models who walked the show to comeback have drastically increased, I can't even think how Ed and co would manage to cut down the lineup that is so hard.
  12. I stand corrected Lauren's going to the callbacks yesssss!!! let's get it LDG!!!
  13. holy shit Blanca looks gooooood
  14. I am so bummed I was so high on Luma joining the show last year I was freaking supporting her everywhere...I still think she would've fitted the mainline but god she looked so adorably cute in her PINK outfit! kinda sad she decided not to join this year.