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  1. Jasmine, Sara and Martha are shooting today.
  2. Just because she's a lesbian doesn't mean she won't ever have biological children. I'm not sure which label she identifies as though, don't think she ever stated and I don't know of anyone else she has dated besides Miley and Kristen.
  3. My money Is on Stella. Girl Is everywhere HF. Besides, she s dating Kristen Stewart.
  4. I actually disagree, I think she killed it and more than half of the comments on the video were about her or asking about the brunette girl.. That says a lot.
  5. 90% of the comments on Biebers video are about Sara or the "brunette girl". Not even kidding lmao.
  6. My order: Sara, Stella, Jasmine, Elsa/Romee ...........Martha
  7. Stella looks hot af imo. Sara looks cute. Martha is so awkward in that.
  8. I love how she stopped wearing just black. Beautiful!
  9. She shot something today in NY.
  10. She's in Milan.
  11. VS deleted Stella's picture lmao That's how bad the feedback was.
  12. She's not attending the gala.