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  1. Sara Sampaio

    She's back in NY.
  2. Sara Sampaio

    So shes in Paris and completly ghost about It. She must be shooting somethig big.
  3. Sara Sampaio

    I believe It has something to do with Lui but I doubt It has something to do with David. They've shot countless of times and she unfollowed the mag, not him. Let's wait before making accusations.
  4. Sara Sampaio

    I just checked and Sara also Isnt following Lui on Instagram. Im pretty positive she was doing it since her first shoot with them which was amazing.
  5. Sara Sampaio

    Sara keeps on untagging herself from the Lui pics.
  6. Sara Sampaio

    I would bet on Vogue Paris. She never says anything when she shoots for them.
  7. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Is It gonna be Kanye next?
  8. Sara Sampaio

    No, but I suppose that's enough.
  9. Sara Sampaio

    yes, she has.
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Josephine captioned It as" secret shoot". I doubt Its just for 10magazine. It gotta be something bigger.
  11. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Based on Sophia's comment I think this might be VS or VSxBalmain related.