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  1. Thats gorgeous! She has the face for beauty campaigns. She shot for Project Runaway.
  2. Agree, I love that set. I don't get why they stopped working with David Bellemere.
  3. She filmed something last night.
  4. It must be anoying for her tho. This discussions have been going on for so long. Her best friend Bryce Is also there.
  5. Taylor spent Paris Fashion Week in Cape Town with Daphne, Justin Hopwood and Hair Gel so she wasn't there because of Romee.
  6. She has small boobs, so what? She likes them. She could easily get a boob job just like other angels did, she just chose not to.
  7. And Saylor keep on being the most relevant new angels...
  8. Agree, + Elsa
  9. I dont remembre It happening this often? Besides the kendall thing, this was a first. I remember the Kendall Jenner like but that was subtle shade, and plenty of models did It. For me, Sara liking that comment (It wasn't even a post) was clearly an accident, It happens often especially when you're scrolling through hundreds of comments. There were hundreds of comments, why would she precisely like that one when there were lots of comments prasing her and bashing the other models. She herself said It was an accident. She's not stupid and she wouldn't just say that about her co-workers, VS would probably loose their shit. Besides, Im pretty sure If Stella and Sara have to work together, they will be nothing but professional. Alberta Ferreti show was a couple of weeks ago, they already weren't following each other, It was after the D drama and they had no problem In posing together and making beautiful pictures.
  10. Sara Isn't following neither Stella nor Irina and I remember for a fact that she used so.. so something most likely went down. The 3 girls are from the same agency AND have the same agent, so maybe It's related. We'll probably never know anyways.
  11. She's on her way to Colombia.
  12. Im just loosing hopes she'll ever do shows like Chanel, Versace and Givenchy, which Is so annoying since she deserves It so much and was clearly available.
  13. ^same. Good thing I didn't set my hopes to high for Chanel.