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  1. Theyre just absolute gold together.
  2. Sara said It was "Bay day" on her selfie with Taylor.
  3. Im here juat praying for Sara to appear for longer than 2 seconds in this years Holiday comercial lol.
  4. Saylor getting slim tick together lol jkg, I think both girls are looking the best they ever had and I love how sassy Sara Is lmao
  5. Sara and Elsa
  6. Is it just me or Sara has been working less this year? I remember when she used to be on 5 countries in a week. I'm happy for her in a way though, shes probably at a place on her career where she can afford being more picky when it comes to do smaller jobs and taking more time off to herself.
  7. That makes sense!
  8. I had no idea Sara and Lineisy were good friends.
  9. Taylor recently liked this Sara pic
  10. I've never heard this, I'm curious. People usually say shes super sweet and easy to work with, which with her height she really must be to get where she got I think. And boyfriend issues? Lmao I'm curious with that theory. Does Taylor want to steal Oliver from Sara because I doubt Sara would be interested n hair gel lmao.
  11. I remember Taylor also didnt post it for Martha and Stella tho so idk.