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Battle of the Bods

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Round 73 - Ana Maria Jagodzinska 3


Round 74


Please refrain from stating who the current round is, even if you know. This contest is about anonymity, and all the voting thus far has been based on that premise. To change the rules now and let people state who it is we're voting on would give one girl an unfair advantage, or disadvantage, (depending on how you look at it) over the rest of the girls. Sorry, for the inconvenience, and enjoy the competition. Thank you.

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Abs + waist line?: wut?

.2 out of 1

Legs: Decentish shape, nice extension, great length.

.8 out of 1

Backside: :idk: reminds me of lots of backsides we've already see.

.6 out of 1

Cleavage: :idk:

.6 out of 1

Overall: Did a mention zero waist line to speak of? That actually freaks me out some. Being a fan of corsetry.... no waist is the kiss of death for me.

.4 out of 1

SCORE: 2.6

Best Attribute: Legs

Worst Attribute: Abs/Zero waist line.

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