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Battle of the Bods

Joe > Average

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I just seem to just go for it when it comes to stuff :ninja: . Well, I had the idea for a few days so I figured, eh...might as well. Don't have it all figured out admittedly, but figured it would be interresting. My only concern is that it be treated just as an experiment/good time and no one get offended here. Not saying I may not potentially be offended to some degree but I hope it doesn't get to the point of, "I can't believe so and so beat so and so, I'm leaving Bellazon!" Though feel free to vent here :flower: ...but common, bear with us anyway :ninja: . Lets just all come together and have a good poll time :hug: .

Nomination Rules

1. Lets start with 1 nomination per person (or team) UNTIL 15 names have been nominated. Reasons...

A) I love to make you suffer :evil:

B) So no one or two people just sucks up all the obvious top candidates immeadiately :nicole: .

C) To make you think harder about it, at least initially

D) You can do nomination teams however :p .

2. After 15 names have been nominated, unlimited nominations.


5 is good as the average woman, 10 is perfect.

Picture Guidelines

1. 10 pics you feel emphasize how good said body is.

2. Try to have enough variety so if the voter isn't as familiar with them they can have enough to go on.

3. Size: 600 pixtels in width OR 300 pixtels in width with 2 side by side.

In Order to Increase Competitiveness...

All nominations should be judged by PEAK FORM i.e. what is seen in the pics. They were nominated for peak form, so if they aren't going to be judged by peak form, there's no point in having them in the competition or rating them at all. Judge by what you see/PEAK FORM people :yes: . This is to make the competition more competitive, more competitive = more interresting :) .



1. Izabel Goulart (Nominated by Joe Knight)

2. Josie Maran (Theron)

3. Cintia Dicker (Ophelia_Immortal)

4. Isabeli Fontana (Roxanne)

5. Sophie Marceau (Lisa-1)

6. Laetitia Casta (Sochic)

7. Candice Swanepoel (TheBarronofFratton)

8. Marisa Miller (mbinebri)

9. Luisiana Lopilato (LS@)

10. Kim Cloutier (Natalia_a7x)

11. Doutzen Kroes (Hollander)

12. Karolina Kurkova (HappyCanadian)

13. Emanuella De Paula (Matute)

15. Adriana Lima (Dizzymisslizzy)

16. Pampita (Chocolate)

17. Petra Nemcova (Prettyphile)

18. Bar Rafaeli (Prettyphile)

19. Christy Turlington (Penny_Dreadfull)

20. Helene Christienson (Penny_Dreadfull)

BB (Lisa-1)

Sophia Loren (Lisa-1)

Claudia Cardinale (Lisa-1)

Vanessa Paradis (Lisa-1)

Emmanuelle Beart (Lisa-1)

Isabelle Adjani(Lisa-1)

Rianne Ten Haken (Lisa-1)

Laetitia casta (Lisa-1)

Monica Bellucci (Lisa-1)

30. Claudia Schiffer (Lisa-1)

31. Brooklyn Decker (MissLimaVzla)

32. Jeisa Chiminazzo (Lisa-1)

Veronkia Verikova (ve.ro.nika)

Catherine McNeil (Prettyphile)

Danneel Harris (Prettyphile)

Bar Rafaeli (Prettyphile)

Petra Nemcova (Prettyphile)

Alessandra Ambrossio (Prettyphile)

38. Irina Sheik (Theron)


Yamila Diaz-Rahi

Daniela Pestova

Natalia Vodianova

Fernanda Tavares

Jessica Hart

Daniella Sarahyba

Olga Kurylenko (Theron)

Jessica Alba (Theron)

Kelly Brook (Theron)

48. Kim Noorda (minus1)

Red Font = Recieved Pics

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Only optional but just like in the other one, maybe if 2 people want to nominate the same person they can work together getting the pics and it can just be "Nominated by Moicells and Pheromonebarbie" or "Nominated by Frenchkelly and Sinikor", "Nominated by Prettypool and Stampaholic" kindof like that :) .

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Thanks, though its 1 per person (or team) until 15 have been nominated :p .

That's only to avoid the first few hogging all the big names :p .

I'll try to clarify those categories for you....I'm leaning toward having 5 or so categories or having just about 8 free lance pics the emphasize the greatness of said bod. 2 universal areas seem to be the abs and legs, but overall I would hope just enough overall variety so the voters can clearly discern all aspects they want to...

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Oh, great :) now I do get it :hug:

So I have only right to nominate one person? That´s ok with me :)

I nominate Gisele of course :)

Gonna send you pics soon :)

If anyone wants to nominate her with me, I´ll be glad :)

How many pics, Joe? I can send them to you resized. Just tell me how many and which size :)

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Jennka, its not only 1, just 1 until we have 15 nominations, after that unlimited :yes: . We'll start when we have pics for 25 of the nominations, after that people can still nominate through PM.

Joe... ?

I have a headache! :wacko:

oh you! :)


I now see that the guidelines and intro are a little wordy and uneasy on the eyes :ninja: . I trimmed it down, clarified the pic guidelines and put some colorful font in there :) .

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@ Theron, 600 pixtels wide. I mainly chose that size because I wanted them to be big and clearly visible and that's as big as they can be without violating the pixtel width size limit. The size however is negotiable still.

@ Pheno, I laugh every time I see it, but it frightens me too :ninja: . Penny dared me and I can't turn down a dare :rofl: :ninja: .

BTW, you weren't frightened by Paris 2.0 :rofl: ?

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