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  1. 17. Shakira 18. Gal Gadot 19. Marie Avgeropoulos 20. Sophie Turner
  2. Example: The Totally Spurious Victoria's Secret Thread - Page 53 - General Babe Discussion See the link above - it's supposed to go to page 53. The link has "/page__st__1040" at the end. But it goes to the first page. I'm sure it was more recent than a year ago. I'm guessing less than a month (probably within the last week or 2?). Perhaps you were still supporting the old way until recently even though the new way was used too. Also links like "forum_name/page-85" used to work, but now no longer do. But the "Go to page" option (that I described in the 2nd paragraph in the previous post) still doesn't work for bookmarking new bookmarks, since it doesn't put a page identifier (eg. "/?page=105" or whatever) on the end of the URL. So if I select "Go to page" then enter "105" and try and bookmark it, it will bookmark but the bookmark will go to the first page of the thread, not whatever page I want to bookmark.
  3. The way the page numbering on the site works seems to have changed. The old way used to put "/page_st_<number>" at the end of the url, whereas now it puts "/?page=<page nr>" at the end. This means old bookmarks won't work. Also, in the new way, if I click on a page number, eg. page 105, it puts "/?page=105" on the end of the URL - that will work okay with new bookmarks. But if on page 107 and I click around where it says "Page 107 of 107" it allows me to enter a page number to go to. If I enter "105" in the box and click "Go", it goes to page 105, but the URL it goes to doesn't have any number after it, so I can't then bookmark that page of the thread (the bookmark will go to the first page of the thread).
  4. Possibly Natalia Vodianova
  5. Priscilla Huggins
  6. Who do you think are the most photoshopped/airbrushed models (pictures with the most photoshopping/airbrushing on average) in the SI 2016 website pictures? Hannah Davis Irina Shayk Kate Bock Kelly Rohrbach Robin Lawley
  7. Select who you think is the model/models who look best in SI 2016 (website pictures only)
  8. It might be Jo Gomez/Johana Gomez (from tattoo)
  9. It's this post (should be a GIF showing in it): http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/678-yamila-diaz-rahi/?do=findComment&comment=3910742
  10. Has something happened to stop some attached .GIF files from showing? There's one (17.6 MB) that was showing a day or two ago but not now. It shows okay in Google cache but not on the site now.
  11. There could also be tie breaker rounds for when there are ties - like having one of the people in the tie have a poll where they compete with someone who the other person has already competed against but they haven't. If they have a higher score than the person they were tied with did against that person - they advance.
  12. I've changed the post above to a GIF of the part Yamila is in around 4:22. I think there might have been an issue with a short advert in it that I didn't notice.
  13. Though there was about a 15 year age difference between them in their pictures (one around 20 and the other around 35). If there was less of an age difference between them in the pictures it might have been a bit fairer/given different results.
  14. Yamila in a catwalk show from 1995 (from YouTube):