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  1. Here's a video of Yamila's first appearance on the Tonight show with Jay Leno. It's a video I don't think has been on the forum before and it's new to me even though it's not recent.
  2. No it hasn't. That's interesting, thanks. Her partner does artwork/paintings so it's related in a way.
  3. Here's a new music video starring Yamila
  4. Yes, thanks a lot Alpat. There's new stuff I haven't seen before, including the first couple pics and others. Also, is the "YamilaDRahi" twitter account her real account or is it not actually hers?
  5. She's probably retired from modelling. I think it was more gradual, like before she returned for SI 2014 (eg. for the "legends" photoshoots & video shoots) she had already cut down a lot on modelling I think (basically returned for SI 2014 after cutting down/practically retiring from modelling). Last photo thing was in Sep 2014 I think.
  6. 17. Shakira 18. Gal Gadot 19. Marie Avgeropoulos 20. Sophie Turner
  7. Example: The Totally Spurious Victoria's Secret Thread - Page 53 - General Babe Discussion See the link above - it's supposed to go to page 53. The link has "/page__st__1040" at the end. But it goes to the first page. I'm sure it was more recent than a year ago. I'm guessing less than a month (probably within the last week or 2?). Perhaps you were still supporting the old way until recently even though the new way was used too. Also links like "forum_name/page-85" used to work, but now no longer do. But the "Go to page" option (that I described in the 2nd paragraph in the previous post) still doesn't work for bookmarking new bookmarks, since it doesn't put a page identifier (eg. "/?page=105" or whatever) on the end of the URL. So if I select "Go to page" then enter "105" and try and bookmark it, it will bookmark but the bookmark will go to the first page of the thread, not whatever page I want to bookmark.
  8. The way the page numbering on the site works seems to have changed. The old way used to put "/page_st_<number>" at the end of the url, whereas now it puts "/?page=<page nr>" at the end. This means old bookmarks won't work. Also, in the new way, if I click on a page number, eg. page 105, it puts "/?page=105" on the end of the URL - that will work okay with new bookmarks. But if on page 107 and I click around where it says "Page 107 of 107" it allows me to enter a page number to go to. If I enter "105" in the box and click "Go", it goes to page 105, but the URL it goes to doesn't have any number after it, so I can't then bookmark that page of the thread (the bookmark will go to the first page of the thread).
  9. Who do you think are the most photoshopped/airbrushed models (pictures with the most photoshopping/airbrushing on average) in the SI 2016 website pictures? Hannah Davis Irina Shayk Kate Bock Kelly Rohrbach Robin Lawley
  10. Select who you think is the model/models who look best in SI 2016 (website pictures only)
  11. U.K.

    Model ID

    It might be Jo Gomez/Johana Gomez (from tattoo)
  12. It's this post (should be a GIF showing in it): http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/678-yamila-diaz-rahi/?do=findComment&comment=3910742
  13. Has something happened to stop some attached .GIF files from showing? There's one (17.6 MB) that was showing a day or two ago but not now. It shows okay in Google cache but not on the site now.
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