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  1. Anyone got an idea who the second girl is (appearing at 1:00)? Same one as from the still image of the clip.
  2. Video on youtube from Frankies Bikini show:
  3. Hey there, Would be great if someone could help me out with IDs of the three models below. Pic 1 - appeared on the Anteprima spring show 2004 Pic 2 - 5 + 7 - pretty sure it's the same girl. no idea which show or year Pic 6 - appeared on several swimwear shows in 2004: Aguaclara, Aquarella, Zingara, Naila, Sauvage Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. Hey folks, Does somebody have an idea who the girls in the pics in - she appeared in the Paris spring '17 show for Alexis Mabille. EDIT: Found her already, Nastya Choo. Thanks a lot in advance hs
  5. Aaaah, gotcha! Thanks a lot, with that I should be able to find the girls much easier!
  6. Hey again, Thanks a lot! Yes, that's her. Shockingly got plastic boobs sometime in her career. Pfff... I know that site, but never found an advanced search feature, just the little box at the top right - and with that I never found anyone really. Do I have to register to get the advanced search? Cheers HS
  7. Hi there, I hope you can help me ID the blonde model from the pics below - I've seen her on multiple shows from the late 1990s (97-99): Gai Mattiolo, Fisico, Rocco Barocco. Thaaanks in advance HS
  8. Yeeees, that's her! Thanks very much Kimflorida!
  9. Hey there, Anyone here know who this gorgeous lady is? Found her on youtube walking for Gattinoni Spring/Summer 2000 in Milan. Seems she also walked for Valentino and Maska that year. Thanks a lot in advance HS
  10. Aaaaand here's her swimwear runway show on youtube
  11. Hey there, Need an ID again - I hope someone can help me to ID the gorgeous girl from the pics. She looks as if she must be famous, but I'm kinda new to the 'model scene', so no clue who it might be. Thaaaanks in advance
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