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  1. LastWish23x

    Kelly Gale

    Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 177cm / 5'9.5" Bust: 84 cm / 33" Waist: 61 cm / 24" Hips: 88 cm / 34.5" Place of Origin: Goteborg, Sweden Date of Birth: May 14 1995 Agencies: Scoop Models Viva Paris models.com
  2. LastWish23x

    Helene Desmettre

    She's absolutely stunning and with IMM Brussels and Elite London. elitemodellondon.co.uk
  3. LastWish23x

    Kendall Jenner

    Candy Philippines Magazine - February 2016 starity.hu (via jexxica @ TFS) Candy Philippines Magazine (February 2016)
  4. LastWish23x

    Julia Saner

    Julia Saner Hair- Brown Eyes- Green/ Grey Height- 181 cm Bust- 81 cm B Waist- 60 cm Hips- 91 cm Shoe- 39.5 EU Dress- 36 EU elitemodellookworldfinal
  5. LastWish23x

    Valeriia Karaman

    Valeriia Karaman Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Grey/Green Height: 177cm / 5'9.5" Bust: 78 cm / 30" Waist: 59 cm / 23" Hips: 88 cm / 34.5" Place of Origin: Bendery, Moldova Date of Birth: August 15 Mother Agency: Mappamondo LTD Paris: Game Model Management Milan: Why Not Model Management London: Premier Model Management Hamburg: Iconic Management models.com
  6. LastWish23x

    Yulia Kharlapanova

    Nationality: Russian Birthday: October 6, 1989 Born In: Chelyabinsk, Russia Height: 180 cm Bust: 82 cm Waist: 59 cm Hips: 87 cm Lives Now: New York, NY Agencies: Women Management New York, Milan, Paris; Storm, London; Avant Models, Moscow. Known For: Pout Status: Rising star Friends: Vika Kuropyatnikova, Viktoriya Sasonkina, Charlotte Hoyer Forgive me if there is already a thread for her. I've searched a few times now, and nothing's come up, so.... Yulia is a Russian newcomer signed with Women's Paris, and these pictures are from them/ tfs.
  7. LastWish23x

    Miss Me Jeans Ad SS 10 model

    Does anyone know who she is? She sort of looks like Vlada Roslyakova to me but I know she isn't and I'm curious.
  8. LastWish23x

    Emily Smith

    Emily Smith Height- 5'10''/178 Hair- Light Brown Eyes- Blue/Green Bust- 34/ 87 B Waist- 27.5/ 70 Hips- 36/ 92 Shoes- 41 EU/ 7 UK elitemodellookworldfinal
  9. LastWish23x

    Monika Jagaciak

    I thought I just saw Jac in a JC Penny commercial! She looked lovely.
  10. LastWish23x

    Monika Jagaciak

    Love love love that picture from Vogue Mexico. So stunning. :wub2: And her Belstaff campaign is striking, as well.
  11. LastWish23x

    Abbey Lee Kershaw

    Loving her editorial for Harper's Bazaar - there are some really gorgeous shots there. And that picture from that Fendi perfume is lovely, too.
  12. LastWish23x

    Ana Porgras

    She was born December 18, 1993 in GalaĊ£i, Romania. She's an artistic gymnast and her beam routine is the highlight of my week. Not to mention she's absolutely stunning.
  13. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Alessandra Jessica Caroline ------------------ Flavia Alessandra Elsa ------------------ Constance Alessandra
  14. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Karmen Alessandra Behati Elsa
  15. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Karmen Shannan Alessandra ------------------ Alessandra Caroline
  16. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Toni Behati Alessandra ------------------ Toni Caroline
  17. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Bregje Shanina Shannan Behati
  18. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Bregje Constance Karmen Alessandra
  19. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Bregje - Ballet Alessandra Bregje - Passion Caroline
  20. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Alessandra - Passion Alessandra - Ballet Bregje Chanel
  21. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Flavia Shanina Jessica Chanel ------------------ Constance Lindsay
  22. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Lindsay Elsa Chanel ------------------ Shannen Chanel
  23. LastWish23x

    Best of 2011 VSFS

    Toni Shanina Alessandra Elsa