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  1. Doutzen Flavia Alessandra --------------------- Adriana Bregje
  2. Erin Lindsay Liu --------------------- Erin Anais Caroline --------------------- Karlie Sui
  3. Joan Caroline Anne ---------------- Constance Maryna Anais
  4. Joan Constance Liu ---------------------- Lindsay Maryna Anne
  5. Behati Marion Renata Abbey Linda, Christy, Amber & Shalom
  6. She's so gorgeus - I love those Neiman Marcus images and that editorial from Allure.
  7. Lovely as always for VS. And I love her Vogue Germany editorial. I always do love her variety of poses and that glare.
  8. Lindsay (only because it's the only one with a legitimate bra and and pair of underwear...) Constance Caroline Sui
  9. Marloes x3 Natalie x3 Catherine x3 Myf x3 Monika & Rick x3
  10. Just saw her First Face video - she's very cool. And I love her Vogue Portugal color. She looks amazing with the dark eye make-up.
  11. Nice to see how well she's been doing. I love her Vogue Italia ed.
  12. Ariadne x3 Amanda x3 Lily x3 Uma x3 Daria, Natalia & Gisele x3
  13. As much as I hate that strange pendant... thing... that hangs down in the middle, I have to say Miranda.
  14. Nina Dobrev and Joseph Morgan on Good Morning, Arizona Nina Dobrev and Joseph Morgan on KTLA TheCWfanclub's Youtube and TheVickylove90's Youtube
  15. Comicon Panel Part 4 Comicon Panel Part 5 kaiyrah's YouTube
  16. Comicon Panel Part 1 Comicon Panel Part 2 Comicon Panel Part 3 kaiyrah's YouTube
  17. ^Yeah, I think I feel the same way. Love Nina - she's stunning and incredibly funny. Have the videos from Comicon held earlier this year been posted? Those are pretty good.
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