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Candice Swanepoel


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I am pretty sure she never had something done to her booty. I mean seriously?

I am not African or Brazilian or Latina & my ancestors are more like vikings :bellazon: and my butt poke like a crazy MOFU! :laugh:

And as I know people do not want to read never ending monologue I'll say that If u all believe that losing weight means that the nose is getting thinner and longer, well ok! :laugh:

I still like her face so it doesn't really matter if she did it or not :wave:

I think you're missing the point where your photos don't show a change from a shorter, wider nose to a longer, thinner one. Maybe you've seen better evidence of it, but your posted pictures are not it. All the other talk--about lighting, make-up, weight-loss, etc.--was just the courtesy of giving you the benefit of the doubt. Returning with condescension, under the circumstance, is just pathetic.

u know the "pathetic" girl I am already moved on far far away from this... So quoting me after 3 pages (someone talked about returning with condescension?) to tell me I am pathetic well... No comment <_<

Oh & one more thing: this is a discussion forum and no one gave me the courtesy of giving me the benefit of the doubt because I stand my opinion & I don't need people like you to explain by a+b how wrong I am. I even ignored your first post because it was... how do u say that already? Oh yes! condescend. U have your opinion & i have mine. Now move on.

Oh, honey, forgive me for responding to something you posted on August 12th on August 12th. There was nothing condescending about my first post. You posted photos you thought showed one thing, and I explained how they might show another. Someone disagreeing with you is not being condescending or mean or whatever your hurt little ego thinks. You, on the other hand, then laughed at everyone who didn't see it your way, despite your way not being supported by your own evidence. You're entitled to all the opinions you want, but, despite popular belief, "opinions" about demonstrably provable information can be wrong. Also realize that my disagreeing with you, hell, even my arguing with you does not in any way infringe upon your "right" to "opinions".

What's with the control issues, by the way? People don't need your permission to give you the benefit of the doubt--a mistake that will not soon be repeated, I'm sure. They also don't need your ironic command to "move on".

And don't give me this discussion bull. You started a "discussion" by playing the "which celeb has had plastic surgery game"--schadenfreude fun for the whole family!--and then categorically dismissed anyone who didn't agree with you. Move on? I've got two words for you, princess.

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Melecoton, to bad you can't go!! So close! :D

Thanks for more VS pics everyone. St. Barts ones are lovely! :heart:

So close and yet so far away! :D

Poor Candice... :wub:


Rainy Prague,Air France lost my bag.perfect song for this

moment."wait for me-motopony"thank god i have my sister

@ErinHeatherton here. xx


Well, Prague offers a lot of Gothic buildings.

And I think Gothic style and rain fit perfectly together. :wub:

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She has an editorial in Interview September 2011

Strict (20p.)

Ph : Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

St : Karl Templer

Models : Anais Pouliot, Candice Swanepoel, Emily Baker, Saskia De Brauw & Zuzanna Bijoch

info from tfs

Candice is on a roll right now. So far we are waiting for three editorials to come out now.

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