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  1. Hehe :) Thanks, never been one for the drama type :) Much appreciated!

  2. That you in the pic? :O You're gorgeous !

  3. Thanks a bunch,you're a sweetheart :) Here's 5 back at you :) Take care of yourself...

  4. She looks amazing with those garters Thanks for the pics She's looking much better off late
  5. Those St Bart pics are amazing.. hotness personified, no doubt about it Thanks everyone
  6. Hey, how you been :) just a question..where did you get that pic of Candy in your profile page? :)

  7. And nose job.. err, seriously!? Blasphemy i say ! !
  8. She looks gorgeous as ever..thanks to everyone for the pics.. And yes she does arch it,but i mean,come on, if you have it flaunt it right That is what makes us all go ga-ga
  9. Oh :) I saw her first in the 2008-2009 VS show and fell off my chair :)

  10. Show me how to live - Audioslave it just came back to me
  11. Ohh, can't wait, Fassbender always delivers.
  12. So anyone seen this? Worth seeing or . . ? :|
  13. Looking mighty fine in these And thanks to everyone for using gifs as attachments now, makes browsing here so much easier
  14. Hey sorry for the late reply, had a hectic day yesterday :( Oh,well,i became a fan since like 2 years but joined BZ only like 7 months back :) What about you?

  15. Oh, hey, yeah :P hehe, funny how things turn out :)

  16. Ellingson?Aside from the various VSFS and Pelotonia photo-ops, the only ones I know of are those at that event and the GQ ones. Yes, Ellingson. Thank you so much. Ugh; I really wish they had more. Well, the only campaigns they ever did together were the Christmas 2009 and Body By Victoria 2010 ones, so... They are both gonna be featured in this year's Christmas campaign, so maybe there'll be more by then. Oh gosh. I really hope so! Thanks. Yeah,same here, would be nice to see more :)
  17. Thanks for the contributions one and all, much appreciated!
  18. Which one is this from!?!? +1!!! It takes ages to upload everything here! Also state a rule. If you make a gif you have to tell witch video you used!!! So we can check out the vid our self !!! Badboy Thanks Melocoton :) Owe you one And Badboy and Danni : Agreed, and yes if possible, please also mention the video used as it would be easier :)
  19. Addy as a friend? :)

  20. The blonde look won? :| oh no preoblemo, i personally prefer brunette though
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