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  1. Happy Birthday bud, time to celebrate. Hope to see u around soon my friend.

  2. Hehe :) Thanks, never been one for the drama type :) Much appreciated!

  3. hehe no problem hun! I like the ones on Candices thread who don't cause drama and all that stuff, lol!

  4. That you in the pic? :O You're gorgeous !

  5. Thanks a bunch,you're a sweetheart :) Here's 5 back at you :) Take care of yourself...

  6. She looks amazing with those garters Thanks for the pics She's looking much better off late
  7. Hey love! I've been giving cool candice fans 5 stars and I think you fit the bill. :p LOL :D 5 stars!

  8. Those St Bart pics are amazing.. hotness personified, no doubt about it Thanks everyone
  9. Hey, how you been :) just a question..where did you get that pic of Candy in your profile page? :)

  10. And nose job.. err, seriously!? Blasphemy i say ! !
  11. She looks gorgeous as ever..thanks to everyone for the pics.. And yes she does arch it,but i mean,come on, if you have it flaunt it right That is what makes us all go ga-ga
  12. Oh :) I saw her first in the 2008-2009 VS show and fell off my chair :)

  13. Show me how to live - Audioslave it just came back to me
  14. Ohh, can't wait, Fassbender always delivers.
  15. So anyone seen this? Worth seeing or . . ? :|
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