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  1. Hey guys, do you happen to know what editorial this picture comes from? And are there more? I couldn't find out anything via Google
  2. Wow, the Archetype shoot is amazing!! So Archetype is some new magazine? Never heard of it before and it seems to be issue #01.
  3. This is Behati? Wouldn't have recognized her...
  4. New for Anthropologie Magazine
  5. Found that on Facebook...some party in my vicinity... https://www.facebook.com/events/283343205147797/ With original bags...lol
  6. WOW!!! This pic is brilliant! You know, it's photoshopped like hell, but not in a plastic-doll kind of way. It rather makes the impression of an oil painting which looks spectacular! The composition is great - simple, but exotic and seductive and her turban just gives the image the right splash of color that it needed.
  7. No Shanina? Too bad, she's one of my favorites... I was really looking forward to see her. Besides Adriana and Candice, I'm just excited about Jourdan Dunn and Barbara Fialho. I'm not sure about Kelly Gale...she looks pretty, but also too young. Kinda reminds me of this 16-year old waitress at my favorite café. (okay, Kelly's not that much older...) I hope Marloes and Magdalena will walk this year. If they also drop out, this year's lineup will suck. Not excited about all these newcomers at all...
  8. I totally agree! Shanina would be a perfect Angel Sure hope VS have her walking this year as well - stunning!
  9. From her Twitter: She made quite a good appearance as Jasmine.
  10. Really? Three pages arguing about the bullshit the German inTouch made up?! There are no words for this. And now we should all sit down and reflect on how much power such a crappy magazine is supposed to have over our lives.
  11. So much for the "Victoria's Secret is like a family!"-shit the models are always talking about... (or forced to talk about.) They stap you in the back the second they sniff a chance to get some half assed publicity. We've already seen this last year when they treated Alessandra like some unwanted stepchild they gave the Fantasy Bra to so she'll keep her mouth shut. Well, VS is a business after all (no shit, Sherlock) - I just wonder if we're now gonna see VS sucker-punch some of their precious angels every year...
  12. Erin was "difficult to work with"? Well, to me it sounds like PinkCouture was right about the reasons of her weight gain... Poor Erin. I kinda feel sorry for her.
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