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    LOST IN TRANSLATION Die together?! This is a perfect example of why quotations should not be translate word by word. Apparently he is the victim of false translation. After my little research i found out this is the simplier way of saying ''We will live together till death do us part'' in his language, he loves to play with words in romantic way while talking about his relationship, this is what he is famous for. Imagine trying to be romantic so hard but ended up being creepy
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    Let's be productive
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    Unedited version of old Color Sensational campaign ad
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    source: http://philippstengelin.de/adriana-lima
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    small but new
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    I agree on the negativity of sueing press. But i also want to remind him ‘sueing’ option since he was bravely threatining the press with the ‘taking legal action’ if the rumors about them won’t stop on this post just two months ago . He is #pathetic
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    Today one of the most reliable Turkish newspaper claimed she is pregnant with Metin Hara and as a detail Adriana WAS following the so called source of rumors on the instagram ppl say on Twitter ( i don’t know when she exactly unfollowed her) Metin made a poll with the title ‘ we’re watching with smile and astonishment’ Pregnant/Separated they def got tired of rumors.
  12. General Discussion

    Thanks to Metin hara for denying pregnancy rumors in a humorous way. (Pregnant/Seperated) 86%pregnant
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    Her Instagram story
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