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  2. General Discussion

    Metin just blocked me what is his criteria for blocking ppl on instagram? I never commented, liked or followed him, i was a total ghost stalker how come he even felt my hatred towards him. What type of spiritual power is this???
  3. General Discussion

    Its time to do something for IWC Schaffhausen, i love her every looks for iwc. Dubai events of brand’s just started. I hope she is in Dubai for iwc
  4. General Discussion

    Metin Hara’s surname is not Turkish and his sister’s name is Rosie (def not a Turkish name) they are Turkish jewish for sure here its confirmed http://m.biyografi.info/kisi/metin-hara
  5. General Discussion

    Her (Nicol’s) Turkish husband cheated on her and she isgetting divorce. She asked an advice on FB from her divorced friends including adriana. Adriana even commented on her posts and said smthng supportive. She turned to drama queen on FB and it was clear by her convo with her friends she believes her husband did this bc of her ‘extra weight’. And after her BD party all of her neurotic posts disappeared on FB and she went private on instagram.
  6. General Discussion

    And that ‘a friend’ is Nicol
  7. General Discussion

    In an interview after his “JUMP, HUG, LOVE’ speech
  8. General Discussion

    I didn’t get what makes you all think it was metin’s fault since he proudly Said he is happy with his gf being a lingerie model.
  9. Candids

  10. Candids

  11. Motion

    Maybelline total temptation mascara commercial short version 8B675315-3001-41E8-894D-35A8AB38EF5C.mp4
  12. Candids

    Im definitely gonna read his book https://instagram.com/p/BcKnTsfjsJ7/
  13. Maybelline

    https://instagram.com/p/BabHIYrBK9A/ @nhlovesadri link i found requires permission to access, im trying to download and its just short version. btw maybellines’ instagram pages posted some unseen photos of adriana on stories any of you had chance to save?
  14. Maybelline

    old/new, hq, new ------ the new maybelline video is out
  15. Candids