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  1. {name}

    I Am...

    deleting all pictures of myself, I ever posted on BZ it was a mistake posting them in the first place
  2. {name}

    Last movie you saw...

    the fall
  3. {name}

    Giedre Dukauskaite

    ^she looks really beautiful
  4. {name}

    Edita Vilkeviciute

    No,photos are from her friends and other lithuanian models instagram
  5. {name}

    Last movie you saw...

  6. {name}

    Alejandra Alonso

    ^ I miss her too And I'm not liking her now hairstyle
  7. {name}

    Edita Vilkeviciute

  8. {name}

    Mona Johannesson

    I've miss seeing Mona's beautiful face She should do more high profile work
  9. {name}

    Last movie you saw...

  10. {name}

    Guilty or Not Guilty?

    not guilty ever borrowed something and never gave it back?
  11. {name}

    I Am...

    watching X factor
  12. {name}

    Sigrid Agren

    So many amazing new work for Sigrid! :dance:
  13. {name}

    Lily Donaldson

    She looks so beautiful for VS
  14. {name}

    Are you .....

    yes, always are you ready for Christmas?