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  1. Are these pics new? Is she back modeling? Candice you rock! Badboy #fuckcancer
  2. Hi all! Just gotta ask… Who's Ninja? Cheers Badboy (Still fighting!!! #fuckcancer)
  3. Candice is looking health and sound as well their son! And I have to say that Herrman is looking sexier and sexier (?). I can understand that many women got the hots for him as he looks stunning, sexy, relaxed and self-confident. Candice can be proud of her husband to be (hopefully). Nope I'm not gay. I found myself and feel comfitible with my self Many men found it hard to express them self about other men. I don't any more as I did before. Extremly homophobic... Thanks to you all for your love and support! So manny days that has been real good to me and it's very inspiring to read your guys comments. IF candice would say anything please let me know. As I'm not following her anywhere else but here I'll miss a lot of whats happening with her. Only thins I know is what you guys post here. So thanks for all the updates. Love you guys and girls alot!
  4. D'you like rap music? Say Youbabyyoubabyyoubaby! Say Ahhhh! Hi folks! Saw at the top of this page peoples fav year of Candice... My all time favorite is 2007 Vs Walk I love skiing outfit My Candice story: I saw in the news paper back in 2007 about VS-show and it was going to be air on tv here in sweden. The picture where Candice with I love skiing outfit and my jaw just dropped! That girl where my dream girl so purrrfect. I totally forgot about the VS-show and I wasn't into fashion or models or any thing related to Victoria's secrets… Years passed and I was surfing around and ended up at an news site and there was this picture of a super beautiful girl in white with little gold and what a smile OMG!!! And from that moment I was hooked. I had no idea that this was the same girl as the i love skiing… So I found out what her name was and started to checkout google-pictures of her and found this place Bellazon and became a member in 2011 If I remember correctly (I did hang around from when I found this site but didn't sign up until later) And when I found out that she was the girl of my dreams I just died! And what a trip it's been. Candice has wished me happy birthday twice, when I was diagnosed with cancer and now when I went out in public about that the end is unfortunate as I't can't be removed and not even any cytostatic treatment as my body are in terrible shape… Candice, Thank you for your love and support… As you said to me.. "I always kept it nice and classy" (my thoughts) Love ya' (these last weeks been great for me, I've been happy and inspired. Thanks all for your love and support. And thanks Candice when you went out in public about my fight and struggle, Love ya' Kisses and hugs for everybody Badboy
  5. Happy holidays to everybody here at BZ Badboy
  6. Wow she's so amazing! Thanks for all updates! I'm still around and finally after 55 days at hospital I'm home with my newly married wife Unfortanully my tumor has started to spread but I'm still in there and fighting! NEVER GIVE UP! Rock on lovers Badboy
  7. Candice and Hermann congratulations to you both! I really hope everything went smooth without any hiccups. A beautiful little badboy! Take care Badboy_207
  8. Hope everything goes well when baby is about too arrive... Candice give him a second name: Thomas! I would love it! Cheers Thomas "Badboy_207" Tillberg
  9. I didn't know you had cancer. Just believe in Jesus Christ and have faith in him he could cure you from this cancer. Hope you get better 

  10. Thanks! Just posted there to her! Thompe Badboy Tillberg
  11. That's all I need! NowI can die happy I'm doing ok had a little setback last night with fever as high as 40,8° c and I was shaking a lot but now I'm good Thanks all for your love and support! And Candice that made my day I search but can't find her… Anyone please post a link to her FB... Badboy
  12. Thanks all for your love and support! If Candice would mention anything please let me know (twitter, instagram etc) #fuckcancer Badboy
  13. Hi Candice and everybody! Unfortenatly I won't be around to see Candices baby grow up… My battle with cancer are still continue… It has spread and not possible to remove... Hopefully I'll be around til christmas… Candice thanks for your two birthday wishes wish made my day back then. Thanks for all lovely pictures of her posted here at BZ... I'm so scared and sad… Best wishes to you all and listen to you body... Love to you all! Badboy
  14. Sorry but you can't get better quality than that! Thats perfection in person!!! Does anybody know when she's about giving birth? Badboy
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