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  1. Yulia Rose [9] Toni Garrn [8]
  2. ^ Another excellent video @piotrz234
  3. God damn she's beautiful.
  4. ^
  5. ^ As desirable from the front as she is from the back.
  6. ^ Thank you @crista
  7. Woah!! What's with all the bashing? She's a 16 year old girl, not a professional model or television personality. Give the girl a break. She's probably more concerned with the things other 16 year old girls are concerned with (boys, school, friends) than trying to make strides in the modelling world just yet. Any 16yo who's been told her whole life that she's beautiful/special, signs a modelling contract, and attends events in Cannes is bound to feel somewhat superior to others. Give her time to mature and gain worldly experience, and we might all be surprised by the woman she becomes.
  8. ^ Can anyone translate the questions she was asked please?
  10. +1