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2 hours ago, VSFSFanatic said:

Behati would’ve done a much better job at opening! Taylor is gorgeous but her walk is lackluster. The song didn’t help at all. I feel like if Kesha performed her version of the song it would’ve been tons better!

I agree. I wish Behati would've opened! 

Taylor is boring, beautiful, but boring. She even said it herself in that video "noooo!! I don't open shows!"


Behati came back with so much light and energy, she should've opened for sure. And even though she was gone for 2 years, she had 2 kids and had done a lot for VS before that. I think they should've given her the opening and I am so mad that VS let Taylor open because it was even worse than Candice's 2013 opening and that shit sucked. 

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On 11/29/2018 at 7:10 AM, ivancica said:

Does anyone know anything about the viewing party? 

Versace has a show for its pre-fall collection in NY on Dec 2.

So - there might be some clash of schedule for some of the girls.

Alannah Walton commented on a post of Lorena’s today saying she would see her tomorrow so I assume there’s a viewing party. Some girls just might miss it/be late if they’re walking Versace. 

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