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  1. They know the difference between a photographer trying to kiss them on the cheek as a friendly greeting and a photographer going in for the lips. They’re in the fashion industry sis and work heavily with people who do this frequently, men and women. I mean come on...
  2. All I know about David is that he shot Candice topless when she was like 17 and that’s all I needed to know about him. Everyone knows Lais and the rest of the gyals aren’t lying and that he’s creep. Just desperate to be edgy.
  3. Social media + the horrible model deductions have also helped decrease the value in being an angel. Social media has made beautiful women more accessible than ever. VS is hiring models like Lameka, Martha and Alexina meanwhile there’s far more captivating women just roaming Instagram that people can find. They are not getting enough rare beauty and presence like Taylor attached to their names, and they are no longer associated with having the best of the best.
  4. Do VS and Alexina really think they’re hitting some diversity mark because she has red hair...
  5. Alexina being hired as angel just sums up the state of the company. Absolute shambles. Who cares if she potentially sells to old people, I’m sure there’s plenty of models who can sell to old people from their site, doesn’t mean they need to be an angel. Angels should be able to appeal to masses of people and should have the potential of being a star. Alexina is not a star and she doesn’t appeal to the masses. End of. Their inability to listen to what people want, yes even the people on Instagram and twitter (those are real voices), is one of the many reasons they keep on tanking. Horrible decision. Also at this point Barbara is doing VS more of a favor than anything. This is just another check and a childhood dream fulfilled for her. She doesn’t need them at all.
  6. More boring ass women although I’m sure some could look better if they didn’t style them so homely. They really don’t have a clue what theyre doing its sad
  7. I’m sure Douzten makes a decent buck but top 10? Not buying it.
  8. List is a bunch of hoopla. I mean Joan and Doutzen top10? It’s just not realistic. Props to their agents for trying to get them relevant again though.
  9. phang.s

    General Discussion

    Does this mean they’re finally accepting their old ways are finished after the diabolical ratings? Knowing VS you can’t be too hopeful.
  10. phang.s

    General Discussion

    This is blowing up Was better than any commercial VS mustered up this year. Those surgical procedures aren’t flattering her though. Tbh trans models aren’t exactly in abundance and they still have to have what it takes plus look convincing. It’s a lot easier said than done to just add transgender models to the show. Ed still shouldn’t have said that stuff though but anyway
  11. phang.s

    General Discussion

    VS can do as they please, but in this day and age it shouldn’t be said out loud. Not sure what possessed Ed to think he wouldn’t do damage with those comments.
  12. phang.s

    General Discussion

    I feel like you’re talking about me not sure, but um I never said Adriana wasn’t trending. Just in case you were.
  13. phang.s

    General Discussion

    Knew the ratings would be diabolical. Embarrassing ratings. Watch Ed still hype that mess up. What’s the ratings gonna be like next year? 2.3M? 3.2 million views is lay offs territory. Everyone has got to go. Specifically Sophia, Monica, and Ed. Also so many of the artisans that they’ve been using for years straight and those production guys. ENOUGH. i get the whole “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” by its clearly been broken for years now i get loyalty, but to me 5 years shows loyalty and that you appreacuated them. After that it’s time to go. You can’t have the same damn people in things like this that require so much creativity. If they continue like this I’m betting next year or the year after will be the last show. If they could even keep it slightly steady that’s one thing but it keeps dramatically dropping.
  14. phang.s

    General Discussion

    What is so unattractive about her? She looked like a Barbie...
  15. phang.s

    General Discussion

    Also Grace Bol killed it. Such a step up from last year!
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