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1 hour ago, claudiawilliams said:

does someone have a link to watch the vsfs tonight? i don't live in the us and i don't want to watch it tomorrow

There you go, i love outside the States and it works for me


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4 hours ago, Andrew Van Der Hypp said:

Not sure if already posted but can we please admire Yasmin’s AMAZING strut during the opening segment? And that pose?!? :wub6yh2cm: I hope she becomes a regular now, Everything about her and her attitude is so reminiscent of the Golden Era of VSFS :wub6yh2cm: I’m happy to finally see a model bringing that back to the runway. Pleaseeeee replace Alexina’s cringey old ass with Yasmin and I’ll never say one bad thing about this brand ever :rofl:


I love Yasmin but she’s at the stage where she will either put serious work in to hf or gain 10lbs and do VS - tbh I think she has better financial prospects in hf the way things are going

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8 hours ago, bump said:

Ooh, is it really? See, I only really read here. I didn't know people really liked it.  I was HUGE Candice fan at the time (I still am a fan, just to a lesser extent) and I think I was all excited for her to have this great opening and it just fell flat for me. 


what I didn't like about her walk:

-too slow and sensual. I wanted upbeat and fierce "look everyone I'm here!!!" kinda energy.I wish she would've smiled as well. Fierce can be smiling or not smiling; what it's not is timid and reserved which is what I saw from her. 

-when she looked down to the right side halfway down the runway, it looked robotic and forced, like she just remembered she was supposed to be making eye contact with the camera

-her facial expression looked like she was bored, I mean hell I was super bored watching her. she looked like a mixture of nervousness and being bored. 


I hated her FB, too. I wish it had wings and I thought the colors were mega ugly. Candice looked beauitful, but I overall hated everything about her FB. Poor girl.

But then again 2013, was the WORST VSFS for me in terms of everything. 


I think Taylor would've done better if she had better music. Idk who Leela James is, but that song wasn't bad but it wasn't teh right fit for the VSFS. 

I would've had Taylor close the segment instead. I think she is so beautiful and such a good Angel, but some people are good at some things and not at others. 



Just as I expected. Nonsense.

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