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  1. Drugs? C'mon thats really rude
  2. If i had to put the girls in order from my fav to my not so fav it would be something like this: Stella, Jas, Romee, Sara/Elsa, Martha (she has no lipsync appeal what so ever)
  3. What is this? I cant see the image... someone explain me please!
  4. Martha and her weird hands again...
  5. Maybe the girl that wins walk in pink? Idk
  6. They actually used Sui and Ming for promo...
  7. But 200€ for a piece of ribbon?
  9. Tacky chokers and pretty damn expensive...
  10. Nadine's makeup and dress were stunning!
  11. Did you see Irina's body today at Cannes? She is a bomb!
  12. Have you guys seen Elsa's body lately? She is so skinny, her bombshell look is almost gone and the shit she did with her lips doesnt help either
  13. I think Versace or Alexander Wang are a great guess, she would look amazing in any of those
  14. No to half that, add Grace and keed bee.
  15. Her body is so ready gor work, hope to see her back soon An i totally need a behandice+ lils reunion ❤️