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  1. Candice stole my heart! Sexy is back!
  2. I've read on several IG pages tha Bee is prego again... could that be true? If not, i really expect her to be in Aspen shooting the holiday commercial ❤️
  3. what the fuckity fuck Romee's nipples lol
  4. I have the feeling that dusty is going to be such a natural, smart, confident woman. Also really caring with nature and people as well as happy/joyful like her mom ❤️❤️
  5. Love Lais in that new campaign photo!
  6. Maggie Levine has shot recently? I mean she even got a campaign w/Grace same with Alanna (love her)
  7. Her body looks good to me tho
  8. Is Martha drunk or what? lol
  9. I got so scared ):
  10. wtf? What did vs do? Stella congratulated her...
  11. Oh shit, that is really happening...
  12. Love her style here and her body looks hot!
  13. I think their last great commercial was in 2013, with 2014 almost hitting that mark and 2012 being kind of lame Last year's had potential tho, but the editing was bad and then they had like 2 separates commercials? Dunno if thats good or not
  14. Why you guys think taytay has THAT many followers in such a short amount of time?