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  1. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Thats the thing... vs NEEDS HER not the other way around
  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Alexina shooting for VS is the best thing IG showed me today 🤗🤗
  3. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Alannah gives me georgia fowler vibes. On the line up topic i hope they stick with 6 girls (Sara, Taylor, Romee, Jo, Jas and Lais) for a while, that means bye Adriana, Candice, Lily, Bee (which breaks my heart), Stella, Elsa and Martha. The lineup above will never happen, but you cant stop dreamin
  4. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    The only thing i liked about this Balmain thing in the show were the jackets and boots but those are not even on sale so... is a pass for me. Too much hype, didnt deliver
  5. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Fave: Taylor, Lais, Megan goddesses. Bella, Martha, Jo porcelain. Cindy, Taylor, Candice nomadic. Stella, Martha, Elsa and Adri Punk Least: Karlie both looks, Sui, Romee nomadic, Sara winters tale Best: Goddesses Worst: A winters tale