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  1. No to half that, add Grace and keed bee.
  2. Her body is so ready gor work, hope to see her back soon An i totally need a behandice+ lils reunion ❤️
  3. Jasmine once again stole the show
  4. Its sad if Bellemere doesnt work for them anymore, cuz his work was awesome, some of my favorite shots are from him
  5. I think they drop Rachel cuz she was gaining some weight or she did some ugly surgery to her face, cuz girl you look fake and old
  6. So Bianca is ROTY
  7. This granny ass is aweful|B7ZhI-93aronG6J1eCpjFioheCtnQ6p1eaonP75x.fbc%2CGpAIFfz0Mu1u6A2yLzzTu5YuGJjlI5oXyVmwjDRP0r5fx752_6xZvHDpBby5goSCxyRHkQlimz_Pi1xYlNalFdJZ04HwJEe9F6AqeC2FFi2GQ1KRD5Dm2w54XUl0m75VXd1shRrMEF5C9vH4s1gF_0cd5Z2M2KWnivgNZQsqCpGzWXhbRCz_3iWN1v8xelph9Xg6y0BKaylQOv80hgmwDltvnrvwNUc1Qxgw0kICMtQstY1RUpYGgl2ekXAI4OHV8noebLHGAPL7sl6fj8jRUod6R8J32RPTuAMYLh3h6IPXi_KFdtulGVVcHIw-nx5n3ji1yyxoH_lQeaeaY8xmkiCnplJPBEg_Muav7SGGTTzFw51mzBEQ4laOVcX18KaYdL1Y8NrHlOdCiMqZllZwKFFJsuPDbadexuTkilspNNNNbAOR3o2wsXskpvl5zsKMJ4bRCk-BRkgWosSi__Cyvr6neqRy9b8rmNAdkhxbJfg%2C
  8. Are Bee and Adam going to the Grammys today?
  9. Jas ordered the burger for sure!
  10. I think is a girl, something about the shape of her belly tells me that...
  11. Dusty is so tiny ??
  12. my screenshots from todays reveal
  13. I thi k something with her nose is different and she is back shoting with Pink
  14. Martha has a beautiful body when she is fuller, really curvy (candice type of curvy) and sexy... but now she looks like a skeleton, i can cound every single vertebra IS SO SCARY! And unhealthy
  15. So what happened between Sara and Tay? They look so uncomfortable togheter (specially Taylor)