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  1. Wasn’t the show already cancelled in the beginning of this year though, when VS hadn’t announced it yet but Leomie tweeted it?
  2. Lmao I can’t help but laugh at VS. They really can’t come up with anything original anymore
  3. jfc i guess we could’ve known that VS’ first good designs in years were copied from another brand because they can’t design anything good themselves anymore. such a mess
  4. Aww Jac is pregnant with a baby girl! I’ve always liked her, I was sad when she left VS so soon after being an Angel because she got so sick
  5. I looove Elsa’s final look. She just posted it on her insta story
  6. This is gorgeous! Is it for sale already or is it not on the website yet?
  7. I hope so! I like her better with her regular brown hair though, even though the black looks amaaazing in this pic. I’m not really feeling the black hair in her videos
  8. There are soooo many better models they could’ve given the contract to, I doubt everyone turned it down before they went to Alexina. Plus, there are too. many. angels!
  9. Why would I buy other brands through VS if I can also buy them somewhere else? I wish they’d just come out with more styles of their own (and not those ugly prints) instead of selling other brands’ already existing swimwear
  10. Where did they say that? Hope it’s Grace! I’m glad Barbara (and hopefully Grace) has been added, but they have way too many Angels
  11. Yeeeees!! Now please drop some Angels, even with Lily gone there are way too many Angels right now. And Alexina doesn’t need to become one
  12. I don’t think this is like the BalmainxVS and MaryxVS things though, because these Livy pieces have been for sale on Livy’s website for a while now with no mention of VS. It looks like VS is just going to sell a part of Livy’s collection?
  13. Those sunglasses are awful, and they’re all between $110-115 lmao goodBYE
  14. I feel like this show was soooo rushed. They need to stick to 6 segments and less models
  15. Maybe Behati was talking about her segment opening and the mag misunderstood?
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