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  1. I usually prefer long hair, but I looooove Elsa's new haircut!
  2. Candice looks so good! I hope they'll shoot prettier lingerie today, yesterday's part of the collection wasn't really exciting
  3. 12 angels, so definitely no Ale and Behati then.
  4. I'm glad they went with a different theme this year, but the actual holiday collection looks terrible the panties look cheap as hell, the bras are nothing new, and the halter bra thing Lily has on in that sleep shot looks so cheaply made.
  5. I wish they would stop already with the bralettes! These are so ugly. That bra Martha has on in the glass reflection shot looks a lot like the bras from last year.
  6. Bye @ Megan Purleri. I hope Robin Holzken tries again and gets it this time!
  7. lmao i can't believe there are still people who don't believe she had a boob job
  8. Do you know which pictures the ones with the highest likes are for each angel? I'm curious!
  9. Sophia's saying on 10magazine's insta story that she's (and I quote) "in New York City, doing the last fittings before the show's starting in August, yes, August". Is the show in August?! Oh never mind, she says styling not starting. Still so early though with casting next month as wel..
  10. I wonder what the #TheBestBecause thing is VS is promoting on their Twitter, Insta and Insta Stories. Watch it be a "new" collection of their best selling bras or something.. Hope it's something new and exciting. Devon posted on Snapchat and Insta Stories that VSFS castings will take place a month from now that's so early!
  11. Romee started vlogging, it's painfully bland and boring.. the fake phone calls are terrible, especially the one at 5:55
  12. VS has already sent out a press release that the show will take place in Shanghai this year a while ago. Iirc Harpers Bazaar and Vogue wrote about it.
  13. Why did she cross out the name on that chair?
  14. ugh @ the contest thing ugh @ the bieber lipsync