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I am loving the plaid/tartan segment so far!!! 



Barbara better have a second outfit. hers sucks, why tf would you cover up the models like that? All the models that were covered up should never walk the VSFS again. They train all year to be enveloped and swalled up by hideous outfits. how terrible. 


I got emotional over Adriana and I'm not a fan lol. good luck to her in whatever she does post-VS. She is so iconic, I'm glad she had such an amazing run. 


Gigi looks so sad and tired. I hope she's ok. 

Lorena's walk doesn't look good. 

Alexina doesn't look good. 

Behati not getting wings or anything in that black lingerie outfit? Wow, she only walked bc she had to. VS doesn't care about her anymore, I feel like they were just obligated to have her. And I feel like she doesn't care, she just had to do it. 

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I actually think the show doesn't look that bad but I don't understand Candice's outfit. I mean... a t-shirt? for her? what are they doing! Other than that, I'm waiting for the second tapping, maybe then we get to see more (I want to see more of Elsa and I need Grace but also Josephine's second outfit).

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Elsa is looking precious as always, her body looks amazing and I loved that she closed the segment, I dont know what segment it was tho im so confused but I love it. I wamt to see her other outfit complete, it's black so probably celestial. 


Lorena is pure fire idk what u talking about 100% better than some angels...


I want to see the damn opening.


Im filling a lawsuit for what they did to my girl Barbara. 

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