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  1. NYFW, LFW and MFW has been a total mess so far. So many great models were missing so i'm not mad that Grace skipped it. I think she's shooting VS swim in Florida now. As much as i love her VS photoshoots and that she fits the brand perfectly i think it will be a total shame if she stops working in high fashion for a brand that's about to be sold and seems to have no future. We probably won't see her in any big campaing this season and that makes me sad but i hope next season she goes back to the runway and gets something big. Honestly it has been very boring watching the shows and not seeing her there
  2. Well, some of them already secured another lucrative contracts so i think these ones will be fine without VS: * Josephine has Maybelline contract and now she's working with Sports Illustrated. * Romee has her youtube channel that's doing good numbers actually. * Candice has her swim brand. * Grace has EstΓ©e Lauder contract. * Sara has Armani contract. * Taylor keeps getting plenty of good work like Ralph Lauren and has Lancome contact. * Alexina has Loreal contract. * Barbara has Armani contract. * Stella still works with Versace and Moschino regularly and she seems to have good connections. The ones that would probably be most affected if they lost the angel contract in my opinion are: * Elsa, she did some capsule collections but she doesn't seem to get anything big. * Lais i think will be the most affected by it. * Jasmine started her youtube channel, but it isn't as big as romee and i haven't seen done any big job besides VS. * Martha is the same as Jasmine with youtube. * Leomie has her brand but it isn't that big. (btw i had to check a VS page on instagram to remember all of the angels, there are so many πŸ’€)
  3. She didn't say it, it's the one that wrote the article that is saying it. She doesn't have a contract, it's just that magazines don't know what's the difference between an angel and someone who walked the show two times lol U would think that because they work in the industry they would already know the difference but nope, the media keeps calling Gigi, Bella and Kendall angels...
  4. That last shot in the red dress might be my favorite photo of her EVER... stunning
  5. It's not her fist boyfriend... she dated another guy for two years. Anyways i don't think it's that deep, they just like each other so much it's not like they are getting married, having kids and a house now...
  6. Yessssss so happy!! Congrats to both of them, they are so lovely together πŸ’•
  7. I'm so happy she walked Versace again 😭 she looked amazing and she just fits the brand so well, good for her!
  8. She looks stunning as always in every event and every show!
  9. I'm obsessed with the Vogue Paris editorial! She's such an amazing model
  10. they are still better than what Alexina has posted 😭
  11. I would have believed Karlie if it wasn't for the fact that she walked the show again in 2017...like cmon girl, you're not fooling anyone with that story. A story about her and her struggles with her body would have been better. Also it's funny that I believed her for a second because i didn't even remember she returned to the show in Shangai until i read it here... i still can't even remember anything about that show anyways As for Taylor's sister, I've been checking her IG and i like her photos but the filters they both use in their instagram lowers the quality of the photos a lot. It could have been better.
  12. Omg my heart stopped for a second thinking she was in the actual cover of Vogue UK πŸ˜” The good thing is that they didn't waste those amazing photos... hopefully they'll feature her more often
  13. Josephine's hair style ruined the whole look and i liked Elsa's look! She looks a bit off though, like she's tired or doesn't want to be there
  14. Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hosts Hot Pink Party She looks so good in pink!
  15. damn i feel really bad for the newest angels.... but i hope this is a step in the right direction for VS, they been stuck in the past for a long time and I'm actually excited to see what are they going to do now
  16. so boring... Taylor looks like she's going to prom. Honestly why even bother inviting all these models if only 3 are going to follow the theme. I didn't like any of the looks but shout out to the models that actually followed it.
  17. Josephine going to the MET? That's interesting, i hope she follows the theme.
  18. i suspected for a while that she's been checking BZ but now it looks like it's 100% confirm with her last post. I used to uploaded photos of her that i found and she was the first one to post them on IG, even before her fan pages did it
  19. hope it's something memorable this time because i can't even remember what was the last one i just know it was super boring. I even read fans that they didn't even know there was a holiday commercial last yeat, that says it all...
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