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  1. Looking through the pages and the drama, my head
  2. Is that wedding bells in the horizon we are hearing? Lol 🎊
  3. In Cara's trevor project speech she said she hype up being happy/excited at the vsfs shows she walked in lol. So all that excitement backstage isn't completely genuine (not that anyone here thought it was)
  4. https://fashionista.com/.amp/2019/03/new-victoria-secret-angels-brand-problems I disagree, I think the new VS signs show a more open approach. Barbara and Alexina are just themselves and thats what makes them beautiful
  5. Are they doing this to start replacing the old ones?
  6. Tom Hardy Association: Co-star in Inception
  7. Rainn Wilson Association: Co-star in The Office (US)
  8. The best scene. The music 😩
  9. John Krasinski Association: Husband
  10. Mad Men Game of Thrones The Tudors The Affair Mr. Robot
  11. Folklore Barry True Detective Lindsay's Beach Club Victoria, Season 3 Love and Hip Hop: New York, season 9
  12. This is really well done. Cant believe the show is gonna be over in 5 months
  13. I was thinking about premium networks, but they wouldnt get much from it. It wont increase new subscriptions or anything and it's such a huge production to begin with.
  14. The heads of the company have a lot to sort out in regards to next years show.
  15. Now we all wait for the viewership numbers to be released
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