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  1. Yeah I don’t believe this. I mean she may not have felt like there was any issues especially with her parents seemingly on board and Jim Jordan probably encouraged it. But they met when she was 15 and you can’t tell me there wasn’t any grooming involved in that relationship.
  2. me too, I mean I've loved her for like 7 years at this point since I followed her on tumblr lol but she was really open talking about that all in this and it just made me really happy to hear she is taking care of herself and is really thinking about the fact that she has a young audience and knows they're influenced by her and her choices.
  3. for sure! the whole thing was fun hearing them talk about growing up and how they all got in to what they're doing now but that was the biggest chunk that was more about her than them together.
  4. Listening to the podcast the beginning is a lot about the siblings but towards the second half she talks about the VS controversy a little and is talking about how her body has changed since she was 18. She said her body has changed a lot in the last year and she's felt it in the high fashion industry. She said it's discouraging her to do more high fashion stuff because she doesn't want to put pressure on herself to change the way she looks and ruin the healthy relationship with food she has right now. She is talking about how her fanbase is young and how she's always trying to be a "real and
  5. I didn't see this posted but sorry if it's a repost. https://www.aol.com/article/lifestyle/2018/12/02/behind-the-scenes-victorias-secret-fashion-show-fitting-sara-sampaio/23606458/
  6. still no luck on downloads?
  7. Lorena Rae Overall Look: 8.5/10 Herieth Paul Overall Look: 6/10 Romee Strijd Wings: 6/10 Overall Look: 10/10
  8. she was running down the runway. took that name a little too seriously
  9. Barbara Palvin Overall Look: 9 Ming Xi Wings: 9 Overall Look: 7
  10. Sofie Rovenstine Overall Look: 8 Stella Maxwell Wings: 6 Overall Look: 7.5
  11. Jasmine Tookes Wings: 3/10 Overall Look: 7/10 Jourdana Phillips Overall Look: 5/10 Grace Elizabeth Overall Look: 6.5 Barbara Fialho Overall Look: 8
  12. Candice Swanepoel Wings: 8.5/10 Overall Look: 6/10 Shanina Shaik Overall Look: 8/10
  13. Cindy Bruna Wings: 7/10 Overall Look: 5/10 Yasmin Wijnaldum Overall Look: 10/10 Behati Prinsloo Wings: 9/10 Overall Look: 9/10
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