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  1. she kept mentioning how under the weather she was in the tutorial, totally pregnant
  2. Canasvieiras, Brazil, Jan 8 '17
  3. over drawing your lips is a pretty normal thing. watch the next time we see her her lips will be back to normal
  4. im pretty sure the lip injections you guys speak of is makeup
  5. VS
  6. thanks for these
  7. 👆🏼 wowwwww
  8. she is absolutely BREATHTAKING in the new VS shots
  9. doesnt sound like the worst existence
  10. some drunk snaps from moalturki's ig stories 14660286_600847006770430_5853541662780817408_n.mp4 14667499_1698514113792702_5771666984685010944_n.mp4 14688566_1191529037596953_6225746788532355072_n.mp4 15500414_1696679620642875_4831843623953760256_n.mp4
  11. A pretty drunk elsa from moalturki's ig story 14660286_600847006770430_5853541662780817408_n.mp4 15500403_563752433822773_1426540586701160448_n.mp4
  12. Videos of Ale from moalturki's ig story. She may or may not be very drunk 15500414_1696679620642875_4831843623953760256_n.mp4 15500366_246651849100562_8225589758911315968_n.mp4 14660286_600847006770430_5853541662780817408_n.mp4 14667499_1698514113792702_5771666984685010944_n.mp4 15500940_684607801700630_6752208546642788352_n.mp4 15500789_723763854454081_1226862712387010560_s.mp4 15496387_578335769032506_4174974027237949440_n.mp4 14334917_188378241625874_3402398419589791744_n.mp4 14688577_1400433673309946_2602457397750398976_n.mp4 15058432_1328783673799520_7383096009284386816_n.mp4
  13. u guys think she will be back to shooting lingerie? she barely shot any all of 2016