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  1. Isn't Chase only 17? Lol why would a 17 year old being immature make him any less likely to make it as a model?
  2. ^ I like this look
  3. havent seen this posted here yet. Does anyone know the source?
  4. her butt looks awesome here
  5. http://www.si.com/swim-daily/2017/03/09/rose-bertram-si-swimsuit-2017-outtakes Rose Bertram's outtakes have been posted here
  6. Just a question, why do they post these unlisted? Like what's the point of uploading them but not having them on the channel or able to be searched for?
  7. The girls Ben Watts shot were nice. A couple other good ones. But this years issue was trash overall
  8. she's really hot
  9. they were together at the VS event about a month ago right? Josephine was there and they were all wearing red
  10. I really like this look
  11. I vote for Barbara for this year. I think Rose Bertram looks great too edit: Vita and Lais are nice as well
  12. The VS photos ???