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  1. @ferro20 every single one of these pics was already posted on this same page bruh
  2. I always seem to find her even more beautiful in motion than still photos. Thanks for the replys everybody
  3. I got a question for people more knowledgable about the modeling or fashion industry. Is Lorena accomplished or experienced enough to be a VS Angel? Or does that type of thing even matter anymore? Not that being an angel means that much these days, but I was under the impression Lorena only really burst on the scene early last year and doesn't have tons of work under her belt.
  4. Yeah I hate beating a dead horse, but she looks skinnier every time I see her. She seems healthy and happy tho so I guess its none of my business
  5. 57261488_181854136129489_3293830371366494861_n.mp4 57618946_862313980775364_4260227768437770066_n.mp4
  6. 56980261_322056651831326_2401619874467587014_n.mp4 57422495_2278396109040287_4416921641382118267_n.mp4 57421923_2230174813726179_6983819038995739572_n.mp4 57246752_177088693279149_924667151390591627_n.mp4
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