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Just now, Souled-Out said:


Adriana's look is always incomplete until the show happens. And then she gets on the runway, and she looks really different then too lol. You don't know what Adriana will look like until she hit that runway. I remember in 2014 for some reason she did not have anything on her lips. I hope she does get the mascara. IDK what she be doing lol, I guess too many interviews

No putting mascara till the end is actually really smart because with all the walking it can end up looking all messed up.

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5 minutes ago, Light_Blue said:

I'm a fan and I will not be deny something what's obvious ;). She's still pretty I hope she will just not go to far with that..


You are a rare breed. LOL


I found both an old picture of candice with heavy contour and you can still see how big it is(not shade) and then another one from the bottom. She added to the tip of her nose to make it more narrow. 

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1 hour ago, VSFSFanatic said:

The show is about to start! Are we ready or what????? SO EXCITED!


also Adriana’s make up is surely not finished??


In the pics posted its not. But I seen the pics of her with Rita, she has more on  and she looked good. But don't be surprised if something is somehow missing when she hits the runway lol. Sometimes that happens with her

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