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  1. I tought it was Barbara F. But lets see how the rumors lay.. With varius pregger angels, Maybe a Maternity lingerie line? :v JKKKK I want to see how they distribute things in the fashion show with that huge line up. its like 2015 all over. Elsa and Romee Lookinggg Good ❤️ Living. Thanks Pretty for the Pics. Much Appreciated ❤️
  2. I would loooove to know if she's Annoying af.
  3. Preggers lingerie Line this year? HAHAHAHAHA
  4. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO Ready to start seeing they Dropping names, i want an Angel Lineup of 7 to 9 girls max.
  5. I'm soooooooooo late for this, but for me, the new angels line up its cute, more grown up looking girls... except for Alexina. She's bomb but her attitude its downhill anoying. I cant. Hi To everyone tho! @PastaFreak @Chessie And Everyone! Wuuu. Also I Tought that We got the chopped girls first and the new announcements
  6. Me too, The only thing were those dresses, Why cover those girls like that, Maybe I Didn't Hate it because All i want was to Shawn to Sit on my Face, That men is GORGEOUSSSSSS. @mykiexx @Chessie No problem Darlings! ❤️
  7. Wut? I didn´t Put one Here is again https://mega.nz/#!y4kQxSSJ!kFnAd53W_-e-3effJt120ZFl9ltz1eqdbgDa_uyfyKs
  8. Hi'yall I'm back Here's the show in Mega https://mega.nz/#!j4dXWIZQ
  9. I'm uploading on Mega, its .MKV and 720p Quality, When Done i Put the Link here ❤️
  10. I've Downloaded it, Shall I send it via Wetransfer? or how do i share it
  11. Thanks Pretty, Downloading! ❤️
  12. Flights of Fantasy was Absolutely gorgeous, but The only thing I kept watching was those feathers eyebrows of sis James Charles
  13. The Pink Mess in Medium Quality.
  14. The only thing we like about her
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