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  1. I personally don't think they will, It's a Dangerous territory for them anyway. They get backlash for anything they do tho. The Holiday clip wasn't thaaaaaaaaaaat bad, but it wasn't Good either.. Sad to see a brand I Adored going down the drain.
  2. I Liked a lot the Balmain x VS in the Lingerie Pieces, very glam and sexy, but the styling for the show was too muchey. (For me tho)
  3. Thank You Andrew ❤️ Much love to You! I'm back amid Quarantine, and I have been watching old shows and stuff. Wich angels/models were your fave in each show? I'm starting in 2005 just because. -2005: Adri, KK and Gisele to me Stole the whole show,(Hot, Glam and lots of energy), even if tyra was retiring. Isabelli Fontana and Natasha Poly were Stunning. -2006: Gisele, KK and Ale with the poker wingssss OMG stunning. Adri to me faded tho. Jess Stam, Hana Soukupova and Rosie were highlights. -2007: Adri ,Miranda, Selita and Alessandra period. from the new girls,Rosie,
  4. Leomie and Grace looks STUNNING! Thx for the pics!.. I would love that the outfits were like sara's all black to match the vampy sexy vibe of the collection tho
  5. I Do really want to know if the "New Beginning" its something to do with the brand too, not only about a new collection.
  6. Oh hi, How you guys have been? i'm back but what's the t on this years show? and whats going around with Vs? i've been so lost over the last few months
  7. I tought it was Barbara F. But lets see how the rumors lay.. With varius pregger angels, Maybe a Maternity lingerie line? :v JKKKK I want to see how they distribute things in the fashion show with that huge line up. its like 2015 all over. Elsa and Romee Lookinggg Good ❤️ Living. Thanks Pretty for the Pics. Much Appreciated ❤️
  8. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO Ready to start seeing they Dropping names, i want an Angel Lineup of 7 to 9 girls max.
  9. I'm soooooooooo late for this, but for me, the new angels line up its cute, more grown up looking girls... except for Alexina. She's bomb but her attitude its downhill anoying. I cant. Hi To everyone tho! @PastaFreak @Chessie And Everyone! Wuuu. Also I Tought that We got the chopped girls first and the new announcements
  10. Me too, The only thing were those dresses, Why cover those girls like that, Maybe I Didn't Hate it because All i want was to Shawn to Sit on my Face, That men is GORGEOUSSSSSS. @mykiexx @Chessie No problem Darlings! ❤️
  11. Wut? I didn´t Put one Here is again https://mega.nz/#!y4kQxSSJ!kFnAd53W_-e-3effJt120ZFl9ltz1eqdbgDa_uyfyKs
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