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  1. Overall I´m Ok with this year. IDW but the wings of the Flights of Fancy outfit reminds me to chinese forms and patterns. Royal Glam I loved it. I love tartan, plaid, and english skirts so it was one of my favs. Loved Bees, and Kendall´s outfit, but Jo´s was trully amazing. Mary K (I think we should never mention that segment again. PINK Haven´t seen much of it. Downtown, I have mixed feelings. Some of the outfits where nice and showed real body but others like martha´s, god NO. I want to see how they played with the water etc. Might look cool. Celestial angel was the top I think, I likes most of the outfits specially the ones of Lais, Candice and Sara. The music was on point, the runway too so I think its going to be one of my faves segments ever. ADRI... Well, happy she leaves, it was the right time and she got what she deserved, a nice goodbye. Only thing left is airing, we must wait and hope for the best
  2. Leelas song doesn´t fit at all.. and Taylor´s opening, a disaster
  3. Does someone know what leela james sang?
  4. Hey guys I will comment everything of the show in a while. BUT. EPISODE 3 is up! https://ww.victoriassecret.com/es/fashion-show
  5. Wowww LOVE Jo´s outfit! Damn hot. I have the feeling this year they re showing more body. I don´t know about Sara´s outfit. HAve to see HQ pictures of it, but the star looks decent
  6. Candice was on fantasy flights or whatever and celestial WE are all sooooo lost haha
  7. I think Golden Angels doesn´t even exist
  8. BTW, they went cheap with the water. More than rain it looks like a water leak from the pipes. I KNOW THE EARTH NEED WATER BUT COME ON!
  9. Is that Oprah singing in the back?
  10. I can´t stand Halsey. What the fuck was she wearing on the eyebrows? wings? spikes? girl, you can´t sing at least dress properly
  11. so.. Adri didn´t close right?
  12. I think the problem with Sara´s outfit is the wings. They look plastic and cheap. By the bodice looks nice
  13. I also love it! jajajajaj I would just take away the purse
  14. Well, there she goes... a TRUE ANGEL.
  15. This is the most controversial runway ever hahaha
  16. Not a popular opinion but I love the runway hahaha. BTW NOT A SINGLE VIDEO¡¡?? They must be finishing the first segment already!
  17. IT´S alway an exciting!!!
  18. HEY GIRLS!! So please make it as HOT, as SEXY, as ENERGETIC and better that you´ve ever been!!! ARE WE GONNA START THE SHOW OR WHAT??!?!
  19. I just said it because of what someone has already posted. You can barely see, but somw of them have big size
  20. where is everyone seing candice pics??
  21. there are some huuuuuuuge wings
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