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1 hour ago, DULOVEMEDO said:

So when we all agree that something on a model is "ugly," or "hideous," "this is the ugliest shit I ever seen" .....we won't get flagged or a receive warnings from mods?.....

or is this only allowed with specific models? or do you just point out specific people who are "new?"


Just checking because some of you are so easily offended and contradict yourselves very often...


Keep that same energy.


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28 minutes ago, VSfan88 said:

Josephine probably has to wear the most hideous vsfs outfit ever. As a creative person, to see something like that really pisses me off because there are so many talented people out there who will never get the chance to have such a big platform as designing for the vs show to show their creative ideas. So whoever designed that outfit should be ashamed of themselves for not appreciating the opportunity that they've been given. 


On another note, I like Romee's outfit. The "Celestial Angel"-segment will definitely be something like 2010's "heavenly bodies"-outfit.


I think it could be indeed a possibility that Adriana will get only one outfit. The "taking off clothes for an empty cause"-post must have been directed to VS. They probably agreed on that Adriana will stay till this year's show to give her a proper farewell but since she doesn't seem interested in the brand anymore, they ain't gonna waste two outfits on her.


Not gonna “ waste two outfits on Adriana”. Because she isn’t an angel. because she is so wasteful and hasn’t been with this brand for 18 years.  Like I said early, projection and I agree with others who say that it sounds very silly. VS wouldn’t let y’all even see her going to fittings, y’all really think they would do all of that over ONE outfit. Especially on her last year. Even Alessandra got two outfits on her way out 


and Adriana already confirmed she was not talking about VS and praised them when she confirmed it 




she said this right after the post. . Thats why VS had no problem letting her do what she did today. If they felt that way about Adriana they would have let behati have that conference and have a solo photoshoot instead. She was not talking about them in the post, and she said it. Just like she also said she wasn’t leaving in that statement and she is here. 

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