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  1. As gorgeous as she looks, I really wish she left the brand.
  2. That’s so sad. I hope she’s okay.
  3. Congratulations Elsa for getting the Fendi gig. It’s major for her!
  4. I had no idea she is pregnant! Congratulations to her and her husband!
  5. Where do we sign? I completely agree!
  6. She really looks good in that dress.
  7. So happy that she opened and closed!
  8. She never follows the theme but I don’t think she gets a say in her dress. Plus, she’s the type that wants to look pretty but she really is stunning with that look.
  9. I actually like this look.
  10. I saw on her Insta Stories that she’s attending. I hope her outfit isn’t boring.
  11. Still no news if she’s in NYC or attending the MET Ball?
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