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  1. Stunning photos! That face is really timeless!
  2. It’s a pity they put Sara in the sidelines. Sometimes I forget she’s an Angel. With Barbara and Grace in the lineup, I don’t even see the point of Sara as an Angel.
  3. I’m ready to say goodbye to them and I really like most of them. Elsa has done it all so I’m fine if she leaves. Josephine and Romee can go as well.
  4. the one with the book covering her face is gorgeous. The one where she looks like a deer shouldn’t have been one of the covers. She’s been modeling for ages. Would it kill her to try something new?
  5. I’m ready to say goodbye to Candice and Behati. I love them but at this point, it looks like they overstayed their welcome. With Grace, Leomie, and Barbara, I still don’t get the point of Alexina. I’m also ready to say goodbye to Sara, Romee, Josephine, Stella, and Martha.
  6. Congratulations to Grace! I wish she didn’t since her career is promising but it’s her decision.
  7. That red lip looks good on her!
  8. Happy to see her on the cover!
  9. The Logan Hollowell Jewelry campaign is everything! I’m in love with this campaign.
  10. I think that Behati is out. She’d probably do the show and that’s it. I wish Candice and Elsa would leave already so I can be done with VS.
  11. I’m happy she’s managed to cross over to HF. She pulls it off so well!
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