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  1. this was the opening song?
  2. everyone praises lais for doing the BARE minimum. weak walk.
  3. so why are you jumping on someone elses opinion?
  4. Also James King was a pretty big model and she’s an even bigger actress even now
  5. She was also in Halloween but that movie was awful. And cayote ugly
  6. Has the fantasy bra ever closed the show before?
  7. nope.... anyway guys here are my favourite looks.
  8. what i don't understand is why when they are recycling segment themes why they dont look back to the golden years and try bring back some of the iconic looks in a new way. we definitely could do with a new candy theme. that could be cool.
  9. bonus looks.... classic VS to me. simple and sexy.
  10. on the opposite end of the spectrum, in light of the show being tomorrow.. what is everyones favourite outfit ever which represents to them what the VSFS (should) be about? here is mine... Candice VSFS 2008.
  11. and they expected Natasha poly to return after 8 years to wear THIS?
  12. i think its her 18th show... she missed 2 years?
  13. whatever happened to vsholic?
  14. and to think this outfit was the OPENING look... wow
  15. adriana at the meet and greets! cute
  16. you really thought you was proving something with these 2 screenshots lmfao
  17. This is one of my favourite VS outfits ever, I think because to me it would fit perfectly in Sexy Crystal angels in 2005 (the segment with seal).
  18. yikes she looks like behati. and thats bad considering B looks about 50 these days. lmfao.
  19. do we have any interview examples? ive never really seen her in video
  20. i think its so ridiculous when people complain about the thread going off-topic for no more than 10 posts. not EVERY SINGLE POST here is VSFS2018 related.
  21. sweetie its not that serious. just scroll past the 3 posts.
  22. why/how didn't they approve?
  23. i think her pose was great but her walk was a little weak because of the boots and wings, and also think she got a little confused with what camera to look into.
  24. really do not see the charm about Grace. she looks just like any other well groomed girl i would see in London.
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