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  1. Sara Sampaio

    It's either that or she's giving them free publicity.
  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    In all honesty, you can barely notice her. That pic would be better off without her and Romee. Romee forgot to open her eyes. Again. She also forgot to close her mouth. Again. That girl's mouth literally forms an O everytime she tries to look sexy. Back in the studio: "Romee, we're taking a picture" "Ohhhh"
  3. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    @Prettyphile, what Dipit is trying to say is that the double accounts’ next username should be “Punctuation,” - with the comma at the end.
  4. Sara Sampaio

    VS insta is all about Sara right now. Our girl is rocking their less than stellar V-day campaign. For the 3rd year in a row. VdaySarasday?
  5. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I'm a little bit lost, have Lily, Sara and Stella shot anything remotely important since the VSFS?
  6. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Which just proves everyone else's point: This is a horrible campaign. In other words: There's literally nothing special about that picture.
  7. Sara Sampaio

    More Armani beauty stories. Just give her a contract already.
  8. Sara Sampaio

    I was going to post the same. Hope this translates into some kind of campaign. Translation: "EFF U VS FOR NOT USING OUR GIRL MORE. SHE'S STILL DOING BETTER THAN ALL YOUR OTHER FAKE ANGELS"
  9. Sara Sampaio

    Guuuuuuuurl, don't hit me with this kind of perfection. Even if she actually wasn't cast for those shows, I like that she went and watched them. Some of us have crucified her in the past because she wasn't socializing enough, maybe that was the purpose of this week.
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Where are the bras in half of these pictures? When you know that Sara (and other angels) can pull a picture like the one below, you know that the problem isn't with the models but with whatever direction the brand is taking in their shoots. Meh. This VD campaign looks like another disappointment.
  11. Sara Sampaio

    Her instagram growth is kinda stagnating now, isn't it?
  12. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

  13. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    By March I can see us discussing VS's new commercial: "The 20 new new angels". It will be 15 seconds long.
  14. Sara Sampaio

    Sara looks awesome.
  15. Sara Sampaio

    What a month for her after the disappointment that was the VSFS. Those eyes really are something else She just hit 6.2 million followers