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  1. You all harp on about VS having no "household names" but the truth is... That's fashion nowadays. There are no "household names" anymore. Social media made it so that everyone is replaceable. While it is way easier to get your own 5 minutes of fame, it's increasingly harder to stay at the top for a long time. No current model is internationally known nowadays. The last supermodel appeared some 10/15 years ago, before social media was a thing. Pretty much everyone has access to the internet nowadays. Why would a brand invest in 3 or 4 unapproachable spokespeople, pay them millions just for them to be adored by 10% of the population when they can have 15 girls, pay them way less, and get access to 90% of the same population? When you add in the fact that we now live in a politically-correct era, even all the Plain Janes you deem as so detestable have a place in advertisement/fashion/VS. With that said, I don't understand how they still don't have an Asian angel.
  2. Is it possible that Sara's angel contract has changed? It has been months since she tagged VS Sport in any of her work-out posts/stories and I've also noticed she has thanked/tagged Adidas in some insta stories this last month. Maybe it's nothing but I just found it weird. I've also noticed that, lately, she hasn't been posting as much as before. There's no information on shoots, etc... It's basically VS and Armani nowadays. She did say in one of her stories that there was a project that she was really excited about. Wonder what that is.
  3. The show was pretty decent, in general. My issue is... I don't think I've heard the word "angel" even once during the whole event. The girls names aren't used in the intro, they don't speak in the in-between segments, etc... It's completely impossible to distinguish the angels from the other models, unless you're a fan/follower. If you can't use your biggest event to showcase your spokespeople, what's the point of having spokespeople at all? VS needs to hype their girls, put them on pedestals, create a following, like they did 20 to 10 years ago. Only then will they be useful in actually selling something. For as much as people like or dislike any given "new angel", this problem is not any of the girls' fault. The problem is with the company and how they publicize them. Instead of having the general crowd googling "Sara/Elsa/Taylor from Victoria's Secret" and get them to follow them and their work (with VS) and thus potentially increasing sales, you'll have the general crowd watching the show and forgetting its existence within a day. There's really nothing to gain from the show because there's no follow-up at all. Watch the show as an outsider and what will you do once the show ends? Which girl will you search for?
  4. On the topic of the fantasy bra, these last two choices (Laís and Elsa) were the obvious ones based on seniority within the brand. In terms of having any kind of relevant role within the brand (before they were made angels), all the others are pretty much interchangeable. Whether they started working for VS, a year or so before the others, is pretty much irrelevant. Whether by their own choice or by whatever is written on their contracts, both Sara and Stella have never worked as much for the brand as the other NA. If the choices for the opening, FB and SO, are based on the work they do around the year, then it's pretty obvious those two have to get the shorter stick.
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