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3 minutes ago, phang.s said:

Bruh what are y’all looking at...Jasmine and Stella are the clear standouts in that photo. I seriously gotta be on another planet. Grace just barely edges out Martha and that’s not a hard thing to do for a model. 


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7 minutes ago, Poseidon said:


I LOL at the level of wanking over this Grace girl. I count atleast 3 girls in those pictures that look better than her. 

Everybody wanked over Alexina too, wanted her to become an angel, and look how much people hate her now.

The same thing is going to happen to Grace, they are going to become bored of her when she finally becomes an angel and the same people hyping her are going to trash her. 

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Just now, shver said:

Serious question since several models were wearing this in the photos posted of today.... are shorts and tights/nylons/pantyhose combo back in again? I realllllly hope so 😁😁

Yes they are actually, it is a new trend for fall/winter this year.

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7 minutes ago, Prettyphile said:



Candle's always dressed as if she is a contractor with expensive taste in clothing. like right now she's about to paint some walls and the other day she looked ready to put up dry wall. girlfriend seems to really not care about what she's wearing, as long as she's comfy-ish

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5 minutes ago, jessicanicole said:

Some people are so offended that others like Grace and I can’t figure out why. No one is taking away from your favorites. It’s going to be okay. 

we aren't..why we can't say we don't like her and don't get her hype? people here pretty much talk over and over about how much they dislike Alexina, Jo or whoever is the target of the moment and Grace can have her moment as well

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