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Hi guys, I'm new here but I've been following VS fashion shows since 2005 (12 years ago, holy shit).


i just have a few opinions on the show this year-


- firstly Alexina Graham is insanely hot. IMO this is one of the best decisions they've made in years. She looks like a redhead version of Erin Heatherton, but softer looking. Guaranteed to standout 

-I don't get the Bruna Lirio hate, she's stunning... 

- Behati looks different these days, I LOVED her in 2009

-Senait Gidey should have been cast 

-Frida Aasen looks like a Barbie doll! I'm excited to see her 

- also excited for Victoria Lee (bombshell), Maggie even though she seems like a mean girl, Grace E, Georgia, Leomie, Megan, NADINE FINALLY, Blanca, Roosmarijn, sui, Irina.


- Im not excited for Romee(?), Xiao Wen Ju, Daniela Braga. I don't like being negative but they rejected one of my all time favs at VS (Bianca Balti) and it wouldve been a legendary come back after 12 years. TBH she was a huge standout in 05 along with Eugenia and KK.


I keep seeing people mentioning how VS is gonna change things up a bit but Hamish said that last year in the making of 2016. To me last years show was similar to the others and messy. I love it though! 

Do you think this years show will *actually* be different?


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27 minutes ago, Sanni said:


What, why?


Was it just me? Last year when Alanna and Maggie were standing in the lineup near each other, Maggie gave Alanna a scowl and then a hand/arm gesture that looked like she was saying "please move". Granted Alanna and co were dancing like goons but Maggie didn't seem happy at that point imo. 


Edit: I'm referring to the short shot of the finale lineup backstage while Bruno is performing in BNA.

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I really loved when there were unedited shows for the vsfs available. It would be so great if someone would do that this year! I'm sure it's hard to get away with tho. 


I just think they cut SO much out with the edited CBS versions. Some girls you'll literally see take two steps, pose, start to turn, and then the screen quickly cuts to the performer. Remember Lady Gagas walk last year in dark Angel. LOL I wish they would actually film the models like that! 

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10 hours ago, Clauds said:


It's always been heavily rumored it was a PR stunt and considering they went from not seeing each other in like a year to suddenly being papped everywhere when Harry is a privacy freak, it did scream PR stunt which we know the Kartrashians live and die for :rofl: 

Harry has been papped with a lot of different girls, so I wouldn't call him a privacy freak either.

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11 minutes ago, Siemgi said:

Harry has been papped with a lot of different girls, so I wouldn't call him a privacy freak either.


That's how you know they are PR stunts, he is rarely papped, but as soon as he is "dating" someone there are pictures everywhere. When he was with Nadine he got papped just once or twice and with Paige he was never papped, same with the last girl he dated they were never pictured together. When he was in 1D he would always start dating someone aroubd the time they had something new to promote and then you never heard of it again.

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7 minutes ago, Clauds said:

Irina Shari, Bella, Aiden, Ming, Vanessa, Victoria, Kelly, Leomi, Sanne, Liu, Daria, Kate and Barbara had fittings yesterday. I wonder if they'll have girls today


Sophia said on 10mag's insta story that they fitted 15! girls yesterday. I hope we get some photos and/or sketches soon. I know a lot of people think it ruins the surprise but to me it doesn't matter lol, I can't wait to see everything

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It sad that there wasn’t an opportunity to see Rachel Hilbert in an outfit that would really showcase her body on the runway.


I’m glad Lameka Fox made it for the second time because I hope that she gets to wear a real lingerie outfit (a lot of the PINK outfits were very covering last year.)

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Sorry guys, under the weather today so I can't do much. But I figure I'd share some interesting posts from Weibo's end.


First off, that African-inspired cultural outfit, in good quality.




Seems like we'll get one of the wings will be big disk, much like Maria B's Fireworks wings and Devon's from TRA. 


2nd, the Weibo fan account speculates that there will be a golden/silver plated outfit this year. If you look at Serkan's igstory, you will see him tagging Karlie and Candice. I personally think they have Karlie/Candice in mind for the plated outfits. Nice observation right there. 


Source: http://weibo.com/2903702822/Fj4Xt2W43

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