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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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1 minute ago, ceceshores said:

They would have had to have broken up in the first place to get back together. It was all PR for them and the show.

I know, but I am just posting what online newspapers write. I don't think anybody is buying that story.

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1 minute ago, Prettyphile said:

THE DARGON - Complete with whiskers blowing straight up into the air.


Well.. in HQ... the dragon is not the big problem here. With another lingerie and color palette it would do the trick I think. I don't know what VS is thinking anymore. Lost into trying.

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3 minutes ago, gotportugal said:

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris - Show : Fotografia de notícias

YASSSSSSSS, Done like a PRO. Looks Epic cant wait to see it in motion on Television. Well heres Elsa the Future of VS, The Next Candice, Now they have Elsa, Behati, Candice, Adriana, and Ale to Open Shows. But the choices of who will open VSFS 2017 would be Elsa, Behati or Candice, But my money is on Elsa next Year.

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10 minutes ago, unali said:

Bella and Abel apparently got back together day before the show. Everybody is writing about this.


This ha PR written all over it. Didn't they "break up" a month or so back. How convenient to get back together at this event. 

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