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  1. OFC Taylor has potential to surpass any VS model on social media, she gained many followers without posting any provocative pics comparing to some others. +She also hasn't promoted by VS's IG since the beginning (like veterans).
  2. Adriana's opening and Bella
  3. I see no differences on her lips and she killed it Perfect choice to lead finale with Adri.
  4. 12 years ago... She was 23... Now she is 35 years old!!!
  5. So does this mean TRA will be the first(opening) segment of the show or her first segment to walk for. too much false info going around...
  6. Technical crew trying the outside lighting right now in the dark. there are blue/grey version of this but it seems they can't decide yet whether go for blue/grey or not. Pink color for pink segment confirmed. (according to a member of technical crew)
  7. This is how building's lighting gonna look like during the Pink segment
  8. Aren't you are the same person who cried here when someone did truly accurate and unbiased comment about your fave. Why are you bashing every single angel here based on lies! First Behati then Sara now Elsa who you gonna shit on next!! Seriously its getting annoying, they all look pretty natural and nice.
  9. She is indeed shooting for VSX for VOGUE PARIS
  10. Elsa will be given something important this year, i think even more important than the opening. After U.S. and Canada, now VS's started to introducing Elsa to Euro zone where VSFS will take place. Every stores and airports of Europe have started to use her pics as promo since end of the july. Also, i feel like they want a blonde model to wear FB. IMO, as the strongest and most experienced new angel Elsa gonna wear FB and for the same reason (among the vets) Adriana gonna open the show. But Taylor should also be given something important she is extremely popular and obv a HF material. She doesn't even need VS to promote her.
  11. My guess they will pick a new angel to give the FB and a vet to open the show, this is the safest move for them, they need an experienced model for opening or it would be other way around (a new for opening and a vet for FB) but i can't see them giving the both privilege to new models otherwise it wouldn't make sense to keep vets yet.
  12. Excluding their veterans, only their new blonde bombshell (Elsa) and new supermodel of America (Taylor) have chance and potential to open the show but if one of them got the FB this year so i guess they will honor one of the veterans to open show most prob. Adriana. It wouldn't be suprise if they choose Stella for opening since she is all over the VS's social media but Sara obv has the least chance among all the newcomers, they barely promote her.
  13. It's not about not sharing your financial status they do share but just not the exact amount of money they earned. Bar Refaeli would be the perfect example she was on the list in Israel when she jailed for tax evasion so she shared her financial status but not the true amount. Same for Irina.
  14. Well it's easy to guess who are those 'TAX EVADERS'. They don't want to be on the list and bc it's the simplest way to reduce income taxes. Irina Shayk and Bar Refaeli are pretty suspicious in this case. Bar arrested in the past in Israel for tax evasion, she is still doing it with help of her husband. And Irina is giving false statement to the Russian state about her income every time. Every country has different income taxation procedure and most non-american models learned tricky ways to not paying to high amount of tax to their own state. The best way is being aware of the FORBES' List.
  15. Well, its so nice to see Sara and Taylor growing so fast comparing to all others. VS has too many blondes now and almost all of them fake, but these two look natural and fresh. And thankfully they were lucky enough to become an angel at younger age especially Taylor.
  16. If you still need, second one looks like Leilani Bishop.
  17. @MarVS yes i've just saw that part. They keep promoting each other everytime. Her agency and VS make me think she got invited independently from VS because they both acting like this is not something related them on social media accounts. Not just swimm line, everything goes down for VS especially in Europe. Since they've targeted younger costumers with circus-like fashion shows, they lost their reputation.
  18. I checked the name of show it was 'Var Mısın Yok Musun Istanbul' It was individual work, she has huge fan base in Turkey. VS wished Adri happy birthday or something like that, with posting pic from that show. And it was not the first time they did it. Weirdly, they do it only for Adriana that's why people relate most of her work with VS. She didnt mention or promote VS during her interviews at billboard awards night.
  19. Agree and i think Adriana also wants to leave, she seemed unwilling at the backstage 2015 but as we all know things arent going good for VS lately.They probably don't want to take risk with unknown models.
  20. I know i saw but they did it many times before. I remember VS shared one of her Istanbul pics from 2009 or 2010 and it was her individual work. They haven't post anything about that night, its not usual for them.
  21. I'm not quite sure if VS send her. Her agency didn't relate Billboard awards with VS unlike Superbowl.