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  1. LOVE Magazine 17.5 ph: Alasdair McLellan Sorry for quality
  2. Official ads of Verizon campaign
  3. She was trending on Twitter because of Paulina Rubio's mistake
  4. confirmed https://www.facebook.com/IWCWatches/videos/1559804937377168/
  5. she is on moalturki's ig story 17432245_437363456636519_3179385936416866304_n.mp4 17996000_1922270764697367_2463874861991198720_n.mp4
  6. 2nd dress?
  7. Adriana got invited by Chopard as previous years. L'Oreal team brings only their main line's models.
  8. 2 bts 1 old
  9. Actual photo: ph Alasdair McLellan sorry if repost
  10. IG story She did a photo shoot last week, i can't find what it was for.
  11. BFA has some (tagged) @ramires
  12. tbt Rihanna concert 2013