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  1. She's so nice.
  2. It would be even better, she really suits Super Bowl.
  3. It could be without anyone but Adriana... If they filmed something special they couldn't keep as a secret. @emerald7 Do you mean a commercial for another brand she is working with?
  4. Yes, they didn't do anything for Super Bowl promo this year.
  5. They were supposed to film Super Bowl commercial last week. I'm afraid there will be no super bowl commercial this year. Sad because Adriana would suit so well...
  6. She was definetely with Edelman's family, i also believe things are getting serious between them.
  7. It's from Rio Olympics and taken while she was in Brazil.
  8. Throwbacks
  9. He clearly has serious mental problems, he believes he is Jesus and thankfully somehow police department noticed him. Even if they will release him soon, i hope he learned his lesson at least.
  10. I believe he was working somewhere near the Adriana's house at that time because he was dressing like gardeners in most of his Vine. I also believe the Indian Creek Island is not as secure as they mentioned since paps can easily violate privacy of the residents.
  11. I personally dislike women with abs.
  12. Screencaps