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  1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I hope you get it back.....❤️
  2. I don’t like the first song....so I did this. Please don’t come for me. I chose ariana grande’s no tears left to cry, it’s works okay with the Slow walks, I’m not a video editor obvisouly so....but i like it, and I chose Ariana because she has had new music recently, Lol I don’t really follow American music so much anyways enjoy hopefully. 5553F66A-2E39-454E-BC4F-931BE0D29564.MOV
  3. To all you lovely creatures, I’m going to bed, I work in four hrs so I’m signing off....😴😴 be burtal, spill tea, throw shade
  4. Oprah??? Is that you( behind Lui) & Lui wen is giving me life!!!
  5. I believe so. I’m not sure though....😞
  6. Anyone want to filter through the bowels of twitter with me...all I’m getting is Kendall
  7. I put marks on the other one...cause I’m petty. 🙂
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