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  1. I'm BEYOND excited about this show! Lily looks AMAZING. I read the Daily Mail article about her shooting on the beach, and I literally had to stop to see which pictures were of her and which were throwback pictures of Pamela for comparison. I've always loved Lily and Sebastian's work. Can't wait for the first trailer and promos to come out.
  2. Nevaa

    Margot Robbie

    I usually love her red carpet looks but this was a miss for me. Margot Robbie is gorgeous, but this hair made her look 10 years older. And it looks completely fried. Every time I see this kinda hairstyle with bangs and a lot of hair covering the face like this I immediately suspect potential plastic surgery (it's a go to to hairstyle to cover fresh scars after procedures like a face lift etc.). Few celebs manage to pull it off (Dakota Johnson is a good example of someone who looks amazing with bangs).
  3. Nevaa

    Megan Fox

    Megan Fox and Maeve Reilly are a match made in heaven. Now, almost on a daily basis, I see a candid photo of her and I'm thinking she can't possibly top this one. Next day she does it again. I can't wait to see what Maeve will come up with if she attends a red carpet gala event.
  4. I love Lisa, she's gorgeous and such a talented dancer
  5. Nevaa

    Megan Fox

    Did she have a iCloud leak or something?
  6. Can't believe she didn't get the SI cover...
  7. Nevaa

    General Discussion

    Omg also, his IG story with the burgers and the caption "I'm coming Barbara" was the cutest thing ever
  8. Nevaa

    General Discussion

    They can save their asses by firing Sophia, cut down on the amount of models and outfits (especially Kendull, Gigi and Bella, whom I'm sure gets quite a pay check for walking in the show), cut out all the ridiculous outfits (aka less fabric), cut back on performers, and stop with the whole having shows around the world. Boom. Money and quality saved.
  9. Nevaa

    General Discussion

    Drinking game: Take a sip every time Rita bends down like that with her legs spread out.
  10. Nevaa

    General Discussion

    Pregnant Irina Shayk with a BELLY was less covered up than a lot of these girls smh
  11. Nevaa

    General Discussion

    What the hell is that outfit Candice is wearing with the red bow around her neck?.... and they put Barbara in leggings?! Freaking leggings?! ugh. I still love most of the other looks though (ignoring the MK segment).
  12. Nevaa

    General Discussion

    I still haven't seen Barbs though!! Or Frida!
  13. Nevaa

    General Discussion

    LOL was that Gigi in those MK tights at the finale there?!? At least Jo got to take the pants off and wear the underwear instead
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