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  1. THISSSSSSSSSS. I dont care the rest
  2. But a lot of these models have been rejected. Today and tomorrow are the callbacks and you can see who is going in vsfsupdates on Instagram. I think it's a good selection
  3. Go to vsfsupdates on Instagram
  4. Sophia is only in the callbacks as Ed and Monica are. The first casting is with Johnd pfeiffer only and with clothes (its like a first selection)
  5. Kaia for the VSFS? Ed loves her
  6. I'm sure Adriana will be amazing in the comercial, but we just have seen one pic of her to say "super hot". Let's be more objetive.
  7. Ale and Candice YAASSSSSS
  8. Maybe last day for the NA. Remember last year, Adri, Ale, Lily, Lais and Martha were shooting after in the opera
  9. Alessandra is shooting Swarovski campaign. Maybe she wears the Swarovski outfit this year
  10. Alessandra and Adriana are shooting together
  11. I think almost every angel are in NYC right now. What's happening?
  12. http://www.elle.es/moda/noticias/news/a796484/victorias-secret-abre-tienda-en-madrid/ VS is opening a store in Madrid. It's the first one in Spain (besides t4 in bcn)