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Who's the Hottest?



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  1. 1. Who is the hottest of these three babes?

    • Britney
    • Madonna
    • Xtina

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I'm going with Madonna because she's the only talented one of the bunch and she's an icon IMO, but otherwise i woulda voted X-tina

So you like X-tina, lookswise?

out of the three she's the one i prefer... she's way to small for my liking though, and i'm not a fan of facial piercings on girls and that much make up... oh and she's aweful when she over-tans :|

but besides all that... yeah lool

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This is hard, I don't like any of them. Talent wise I like Madonna, but hottest- noo! She's my mother's age haha. I guess if I had to pick I'll choose Britney so I can mooch off her like that scumbag she calls her husband. :fun:

Britney just needs to work out then she'll be decent looking again.

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Britney is one of the ugliest "pop icons" ever...

Madonna ... I actually wished I choose her because she has the best body for her age but I wouldn't say she hot hot hot - she's just the better of the three by far inmost aspects

Xtina - I choose her because I was thinking of that dirty video and technically she is the most do-able, but she looks like crap with out make-up and she looks like crap the way she wears make-up.. lol

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ABSOLUTELY without the slightest hesitation whatsoever, my pick is Madonna.

The other girls both have their moments of "hotness", but Madonna has been considered hot for the entirety of her 20+ year career. She was the original definition of the type of HOT that these younger girls tried in vain to emulate.

And yes, obviously Madonna is 48 years old now and not as hot when compared to people literally 1/2 her age, but OVERALL, she's the hottest, and i guarantee neither Britney or Christina are gonna look as good as Madge when they're her age.

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