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  1. thanks for the bday greetings lyon... *kisses*

  2. thanks MATT for the bday greetings!!!! i miss you...

  3. morgane caroline yfke tatiana raquel doutzen
  4. i chose option 3 as well... it's easy to assume that models do have the easy life... smile, pose, travel, freebies, money... but not many can see the hard work and passion behind the genius as seen in magazines and billboards... their determination to outshine other thousands of models for a job, determination to overcome insecurities and pressure... not many people see that they do get rejected by designers and they strive to not break down every single time it happens... not many can hear the harsh words thrown at them... @ mbinebri : love the explanation
  5. thanks guys ! ------------------- @ Jennka: i'm thinking of startin a new one one i'm just trying to finalize everything hey, you changed ur set! i'm def gonna miss the giz one ...you've had it for so long ...
  6. Eyewear was the last category so here are the complete list of winners per category: JEWELRY Sasha Pivovarova for Tiffany and Co. -------------------------------------------------------- JEANS Ana Maria Jagodzinska for Calvin Klein -------------------------------------------------------- COSMETICS Natalia Vodianova for Chanel -------------------------------------------------------- BEACHWEAR Bianca Balti for La Perla -------------------------------------------------------- SHOES Carmen Kass for Givenchy -------------------------------------------------------- LINGERIE Bianca Balti for La Perla -------------------------------------------------------- BAGS Stella Tennant for Dior -------------------------------------------------------- PERFUME Mona Johanneson for Valentino -------------------------------------------------------- EYEWEAR Jessica Stam for Bvlgari -------------------------------------------------------- thank you for all those who made this competition possible :Flower: and... congratulations to all the winners!
  7. i counted the first two votes to break the tie
  8. morgane yfke tyra raquel eugenia bianca
  9. just one more vote to close this comp
  10. omg!!! she loooks so beutiful in MUSE!!!
  11. no worries... thanks for using it :) take care...

  12. Vlada Roslyakova - 3 Jessica Stam - 13 EYEWEAR Finals Jessica Stam for Bvlgari Natasha Poly for Blumarine Kate Moss for Roberto Cavalli
  13. Scarlett Johansson - 347 pts. Drew Barrymore - 73 pts. Monica Bellucci vs. Catherine Zeta-Jones Magazine Covers Beauty Shots Body Shots High-Fashion Movie Posters Candids Ad Campaigns (optional)
  14. eugenia caroline w. caroline t. alessandra -my first three belongs to one my most favorite segment ever out of all the shows... the russian theme (2005). the outfits rock...!
  15. october list: 1. natasha poly 2. caroline trentini 3. natalia vodianova 4. candice swanepoel 5. inguna butane 6. eugenia volodina 7. catherine mcneil 8. josie maran 9. andi muise 10. alessandra ambrosio 11. mona johannesson 12. sasha pivovarova 13. bianca balti 14. cintia dicker 15. bar refaeli 16. jessica stam 17. lucia dvorska 18. maryna linchuk 19. behati prinsloo 20. gemma ward
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