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  1. Happy birthday Dianne :)

  2. happy birthday stranger

  3. Happy Birthday ^^

  4. miss you too! it's been literally years :/

  5. thanks for the bday greetings lyon... *kisses*

  6. thanks MATT for the bday greetings!!!! i miss you...

  7. dianneeeee, youre so old. happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday :D

  9. ennaid

    VSFS Runway Finest

    maryna doutzen ana kk
  10. ennaid

    VSFS Runway Finest

    morgane caroline yfke tatiana raquel doutzen
  11. ennaid

    The Best Celebrity Couple

    :rofl: nice one kiki..
  12. ennaid

    Most Underrated Quality (In becoming a successful model)

    i chose option 3 as well... it's easy to assume that models do have the easy life... smile, pose, travel, freebies, money... but not many can see the hard work and passion behind the genius as seen in magazines and billboards... their determination to outshine other thousands of models for a job, determination to overcome insecurities and pressure... not many people see that they do get rejected by designers and they strive to not break down every single time it happens... not many can hear the harsh words thrown at them... @ mbinebri : love the explanation
  13. ennaid

    Battle of Advertising Campaigns!!!

    thanks guys ! ------------------- @ Jennka: i'm thinking of startin a new one one i'm just trying to finalize everything hey, you changed ur set! i'm def gonna miss the giz one ...you've had it for so long ...
  14. ennaid

    The Best Celebrity Couple

    princess di and charles x3