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  1. {name}


    Kim Anja Kate Valentina Rosie Magdalena Inguna Kim Claudia Morgane Helena Heloise
  2. Hi everyone. I'd really need 3 or 4 100x100 icons of Anja with short hair. If anyone can fulfill my request it would be very appreciated!
  3. Chanel x5 Lycra x2 Estee Lauder x3
  4. Natalia Christy Christy Natalia overall Christy
  5. Kate Eugenia Kate Kate Overall Kate
  6. Malena your set is really beautiful
  7. Tanya shot the BCBG Max Azria Fall 2008 campaign
  8. Anja Anja Anja Gisele Overall Anja
  9. I love her Moschino ads. They're so simple, yet gorgeous.
  10. Natalia Helena None Natalia Overall: Natalia
  11. Lara. btw it's Darla not Drala.
  12. {name}

    Official BZ Top 10

    1. Freja Beha Erichsen/Tanya Dziahileva (sorry I can't decide) 2. Lara Stone 3. Alana Zimmer 4. Karlie Kloss 5. Taryn Davidson 6. Inguna Butane 7. Georgina Stojiljković 8. Anja Rubik 9. Maryna Linchuk 10. Diana Farkhullina
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