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  1. nice.. the thread is going back live
  2. i dont know if it's new or not.. just found it on some blog. very nice pictures
  3. Oleg!!!!!! Oleg!!! I'm here!!! I'm here!!!!! Please do not kill me :cry:

  4. Yeah. I know. She's doing good :) how are you?

  5. Nicole is on the Make Me a Supermodel show! shes so gorgeous

  6. bhahahah nicole's skating anybody noticed that she finished wearing something different than when she started?
  7. this girl looks like grown up gemma so... i'm not sure this is her but anyway she's sweet
  8. well, it's simply adorable picture of her :) and i can't pass by ;) not so many appears of nicole recently :( also sad that she's not on the runways anymore..

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