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  1. Wherever you are our Serbian model, happy birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday ;)

  3. Happy Birthday, pretty Serbian! :Flower:

  4. Happy Birthday ^_^

  5. I don't agree with ya all guys. Georgi is very popular,but in a good way here.She is almost in every mag here,talking about carier,cuz she is an example to all girls that wannabe models. she is going on college and everything else. it's just that serbian culture is different.here,girls with fake boobs and blond hair,looking like Playmates are popular.That is a vision of a beautiful girl here. Wrong I know.
  6. no ppls.I wanted to make clear that she is always on time.and we finished that fitting at 6am,so sometimes it's not that interesting.I went home at 6,and she stayed longer. I hate Chinese models,they r all so thin,and tall,u can't even imagine. I'm so jealous.
  7. ahahh.:D

    thx babe!!

    I hope so too!!

    it's really,really hard,but I will try my best!

  8. Well, I checked what were your last posts, and found this one from some Chinese model's thread...hope you'll be a successful model ;)

  9. awesome,thx for asking.and I'm so happy that Georgi went so big man.She is in all mags back home in SRB.:)

    I'm lil busy cuz of school,so I'm trying to finish school and then travel.:)

    how r u?


  10. hehe.yeah I'm back.I don't have a lot of time for BZ anymore unfortunatelly.:D

    yeah,I have been in China.Actually in Beijing.:D

    how u know that?


  11. Malena you are back!! :woot: I hope the reason you weren't on BZ is your job as a model :shifty: I see you were in China for fashion shows!! :o

  12. HEY! YAY! I'm glad that you're baQ! :) Layla will be happy, also!!!

    hahaha, and a merry xmas to u, even if you don't celebrate it... xmas = yuck, though. :p

    how have u been? :)

  13. Hey ppls,I actually had a chance to meet MoWanDan few weeks ago while I was in Beijing on China fashion week.Even tho she is a topmodel in China,Mo is coming to late fittings with her brother(in like 4am in the morning) doing everything with a smile,even tho all the models are pissed of course. She is not acting like a big star,even tho she is a star at her home. She is a cute,cuuute girl. :*
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