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Nice article, thanks ox. Also didn't knew Jonah was Leo's personal chef.


Now if you clarify something for me... Is Jonah the father of Leo's godson Milan or is another friend of him that is his father?  I always get confused about this. :hehe:

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Tks for all the information about Leo/Gisele dogs :)

I remember there were these pix where Leo/Gisele had been out hiking /walking, I think in Griffith Park area , and they had , I think, 3 dogs with them , and I really thought I had saved those pix , but I didn't.

I wonder where Willie is now ?

As to Leo/Goal, yes, to my knowledge Leo and Chuck are partners in several clubs


I might be confused, as maybe it was a pix taken at the aquarium or place where Leo bought the tortoise, but I thought one time I saw online a pix that was supposed to be the tortoise in a pond at Leo's house :)


Yes , Jonah is the father of Leo's godson Milan , and Milan's mother is Leo's stylist Evet Sanchez

I remember we saw lots of pix of Jonah with Leo when he was filming Django in NO, but at the time I thought Jonah was just the friend that Leo brought along with him on this film trip

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thanks for the answer ox. :flower: 


And here a quote from Leo I just saw on leonardofanuk tumblr, but I remember I have read it somewhere before, I think maybe for some magazine promoting Gatsby, if I'am not mistaken. But anyway, I just think this quote summarize whom Leo is:


"I'm not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I'am definitively an individual".

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Sick Have you been able to come across those parenthood videos? I want to see those so bad but it seems like it has been completely removed from the net. :/

ahm unfortunately no! :no: absolutely nothing! how stupid I was that I didn't download them!  :banghead:

Oh alright. :p One day I just got lucky seeing it on YouTube then next time I looked POOF they were gone :p Also, I was looking for that interview he did back when he was on growing pains... I believe you were the one that posted it on the other thread but looking back I can't find it. Hard to explain which one I'm talking about though as they were few GP interviews but its the one where briefly he's spotted at a drawing board with a bunch of scribble on it.... yes worst explanation ever lol.


hmm I remember one of his GP interviews but not sure you mean that one or not, I can't find it now let me search it better :blueeyedbaby:

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The other day we were discussing Leo's dog Django , and I recall back during the time he was dating Gisele seeing pix of Leo with several dogs and asked if anyone else remembered that, as I wondered if Leo still had those dogs as well.

Infact I thought I had read there was a dog that he and Gisele continued to 'share custody' of even after they broke up .

I tried finding the pix those Leo/Gisele/dog pix those since then, but, alas, no luck.

Do still have any of those pix , or do you know anything more about the 'dogs' we used to see the two of them walking with ?

Thanks :)




this is July 2005 pics Gi and Leo playing with dogs, in this pic we can see all of them Django, Willie and Hazel (never knew it was the name of that dog, thanks to lua :p ) well there's no Vida.


remember in 2009 Gisele said in one of her interviews after marriage with Tom that she still talks with Leo on phone and he still takes care of two of her dogs, but she's never said which dogs, maybe Willie and Hazel, cuz seems Django was Leo's dog and I've never seen him with Gisele since 2006 (when still was some talks about them getting back together). so that means Willie, Hazel and Django all were with Leo


Gisele with Django in 2006






Gi was spotted with Willie and Hazel in 2007, but never seen her with them since then and cuz in 2009 she said Leo takes care of her two dogs, I assume that Gi gave them to Leo after that :idk:


Gisele with Willie and Hazel in 2007




Vida passed away in October 2012, and since we've not seen Willie and Hazel let's say since 2009 cuz we have info they were alive in 2009, maybe they also passed away ? :idk: Willie seems to be quite old cuz we've seen him with them since 2002...


I don't remember seeing Leo with Willie and Hazel or Leo-Bar walking with them... does any of you ? :idk:



It's scary I know and remember all this but since Django (the dog was brought up), here is what I recall:


Django was  given to Leo from Gisele when Gisele moved back to NYC after she had been living with him in his house in LA.She mentioned this in I believe a Vanity Fair interview or perhaps it was Harpers Bazaar. This was after they had broken up and then got back together after a year apart. Prior to that they got a boxer (Willie) while they were together and she at that time also had a dog named Hazel ( a mix breed dog) plus of course her Yorkie, Vida. I am sure a Gisele fan would have photos of them together with the boxer, Vida and Hazel. Harry Josh, Gisele's friend and hairdresser talked about Django in an interview a while back; he said something like, "Django was like Leo's and Gisele's child"... Also while Leo and Gisele were together, Gisele included in her official website the names of her dogs (Willie, Hazel and Vida and Django) as well as her horses. After they broke up, it seems Leo kept Willie and Django as I saw photos of the dogs with Leo after the final breakup.In the VF interview, Gisele mentioned Leo was looking after her horses when she moved back to NYC - they were still a couple at this time.

as I knew Gisele gave Django to Leo as a present in 2004, when I look at their old candids there's no Django till 2004 :idk:


here're 2002 pics http://giselebundchenonline.fanzoom.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=1147&pid=11486#top_display_media I guess that little white-ish one is Hazel ? 


I also remember Harry saying that :p but never heard Leo was taking care of her horses, so it happened when they were together yep ?

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I remember there were these pix where Leo/Gisele had been out hiking /walking, I think in Griffith Park area , and they had , I think, 3 dogs with them , and I really thought I had saved those pix , but I didn't.

I wonder where Willie is now ?

they're with two dogs here but I guess you mean this one http://giselebundchenonline.fanzoom.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=2162&pid=29444#top_display_media

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Love the quote and the vid, tks :)


Tks for Gisele/dog pix :)


Tks for , not only, for all the pix , but more information about when we last saw the dogs in candids Flower%20for%20you.gif

Speaking of Leo's collection of pets : Does anyone know anything about Leo's pet lizard ? I had read he had passed away, yet, another fan told me a couple of years ago he was still alive



As to tortoise pix, the only pix I for sure remember seeing where the ones included in TMZ article below which showed Leo when he purchased the tortoise

And I tried to see if I could find the tortoise /pond pix I saw once to see if it truly was taken at Leo's home versus just a picture of a similar tortoise in another habitat, but I couldn't find it :/


I notice in several of the Leo/Gisele /dog pix, that we see Leo's half brother Adam , has anyone seen him in any recent candids with Leo ?


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no problem, ox! :wave:


I don't think I've ever seen him with Leo if we don't count few pics from 90's but as I know he was with Leo-Gisele and their families in Peru back in 2003, I've seen pic of him with Gisele and Irmenlin but couldn't find him in other pics from Peru candids :idk:

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press said Leo broke up with him cuz his mom Irmelin didn't like her, but I don't belive that it's too funny to me! :p


I doubt Blake wanted serious relationship (she got married soon after that ) and maybe that was a reason or maybe what you said, linz :p


Can I be very honest? End up because Blake wanted another man since the beggining with Leo... :whistle:

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I think Blake had a ( romantic ) image of Leo in her head and dating him turned out to be something totally different. I think she said stuff like that in an interview. I doubt his mom not being found of her was the real reason and those photos got leaked soon after they started dating yet he sticked to her for a while.

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so does anyone have info about Leo and Blake's fling?Why they broke up?At least they both agree at the privacy thing


Oh God not this again!

No one knows. Neither of them have ever spoken about it and this has just opened up for another bout of lets s*it on the ex girlfriend haterade. :cain: 


Not  you  Ox,  Kat and Fash  ;) 


Anyway I think Sick is right. They wanted different things in life, and it was 2 years ago.


On Topic -

Just logged on to say the BAFTA committe allegedly met and Gatsby is a front runner for costume design.

Its very early yes, but its good news for Leo and co. and bodes well for the Oscars in that department



Fash - Sent you a pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oxford, thanks for the Goal info.. I was the one who asked :p

Never saw this tortoise pic before. Anyone can find it? :)

Lua, thanks for the dog info. :)




Found this as well but think it is just an image of the type of giant tortoise he brought :flower:  I've decided to call it Arnold since he doesn't have a name yet! (Lets hope it's a male tortoise or it'll get teased rotten by all the others at the zoo ;) !). I think Leo should take it for a walk around the park :hehe:   :wave:

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